MacCast 09.13.2005

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about Macs done by a Mac geek for Mac geeks. Show 88. iPod Nano stuff, iTunes 5 stuff, ROKR iTunes phone stuff, new Tiger updates and Developer Transition Kits updates seeded. Will there finally be an Itunes Music Store Australia? Create and view iPod digital flip books at Followup on keys to activate Save dialog buttons, question about cell phones with Mac syncing support. JogTunes iTunes to workout by. Quicktime 7 is currently incompatible with Divx. How to convert AAC to MP3 and promo for the North Coast Macintosh Users Group Expo. New music, Sound Scientist by bill.

I just know, before this is over, I’m gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy.

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  1. jon from vancouver | Sep 13 2005 - 06:42

    Yes the phone has been hacked long before the iTunes phone came out. Check out for all the juicy info if you own a E398 model already.

  2. Dr. Pretorious | Sep 13 2005 - 08:16

    Hey Adam,

    I love the show, and I love Macs, but I’ve gotta tell you, you are sucking up too much, on each and every show. The show could gain a lot from a bit of constructive criticism. Apple is easily the best computer manufacturer out there, but considering that they aren’t perfect, you could serve the listeners a lot better by not being so kind to Apple all the time. Apple needs to have some friendly jabs in the ribs to keep them from doing stupid things, like the abysmal phone for instance. It left a little bit to be desired? For Christ’s sake, the thing is a joke. What exactly is the benefit of the phone if you can’t download songs from iTunes on the go? Please…

    Anyway, I don’t want to seem like I am just talking trash, I have listened to the show every week since January, and I love it, but man, you have got to become more pragmatic. It’s no wonder that Windoze users think we are all some kind of brainwashed cult members. One listen to your show would confirm that to them. Let’s have some objective journalism… I like your opinions, but you need to be less like a spokesman, and more like a reporter.

    Dr. Pretorious

  3. Patrick | Sep 13 2005 - 09:30

    Hi Adam, Just listened to the todays show (the 13th), and I’m hooked. I noticed when the phone and the Nano was announced (right as it went on sale as you pointed out in an earlier show) that the Nano was going to overshadow the phone, it was kind of a no-brainer… since the iPod is embedded into today’s mainstream media, and people can’t resist them. The Nice little features about iTunes you pointed out (like the “Show Searchbar” in the menu bar) is awesome to know, cause when I download music or rip from CDs, I like to have my library empty so I can click “select all” and drag and drop into the pod name in the menu off to the side. Keep up the good work, and I’ll most likely drop more constructive comments after future episodes.. Have a good one..


  4. maccast | Sep 13 2005 - 11:05

    Dr. Pretorious,
    Are you sure you are listening to my show. I would say that mine is one of the least Apple fanatic shows out there. I try very hard to keep an objective view and I am one of the first people to say something when Apple messes up. I believe if you listen to my 9/8 show I do say the iTunes phone is a flop. Did I miss something?

  5. Ryan Gray | Sep 14 2005 - 06:36

    Another person who has a very narrow pleasure zone (Dr. Pretorious) that thinks if he is not satisfied, then no one will be. “What exactly is the benefit of the phone if you can’t download songs from iTunes on the go?” Well, there’s being able to listen to your music from iTunes on the go without carrying two devices, manually copying music like with other players or pulling headphones off to take a call with a separate device. He makes it sound like listening to the music on the phone is also useless, Also, no one who has complained about not being able to purchase songs on the phone has thought about what a terrible store browsing experience that would be on the phone’s tiny screen. Then you would have purchased songs on the phone and not on the computer, so you would have to be able to upload them to the computer, and that is probably not going to fly for a while given that you cannot upload music from a regular iPod to your computer now.

  6. Michael Sherman | Sep 14 2005 - 06:55

    Thanks for being one of the few sane people remaining who sees that a video iPod makes no sense at all.

    You can’t watch video on the go. It takes not only listening, but watching. Therefore you can’t use it like an iPod in the car, at work, etc.

    Video iPod is a terrible idea! For some reason people think that just because the technology is available and possible, that makes it a good idea. Wrong!

  7. Sebastian | Sep 14 2005 - 08:17

    I think a lot of people are getting the misconception that somehow the ROKR was made by Apple and Motorola. Motorola made the phone, well not exactly make, but slap a white faceplate on a year old phone and thats it. What Apple did was develop the iTunes part for the ROKR firmware.

    You think Apple cares much about the look of the phone, no because mainly it does have its name on it. What Apple cares about its having iTunes in there. Which in term is great advertisement for iTunes, and the iTms. More people that have iTunes install, means a bigger potential iTms client spectrum. Which in terms means a biger quicktime user install base.

    If Apple had really any saying in the design of the phone, you think they wouldve let the transfer rate of songs be at speed of USB 1.0, for example?

  8. macFanDave | Sep 14 2005 - 02:06

    1. The ROKR phone is pronounced “Rocker?” Oops! I’m cancelling my order! I thought it was the “Roker” and I thought I’d get Today Show Weather updates and pleasant banter.

    2. You make some interesting points about Apple’s decision to put podcasts back in the Library, but I still hate it. I went back to 4.9, where if I like a particular podcast, I can save it to the Library.

    3. I could go along with multi-tiered prince on iTMS on one condition: old songs cost less than 99 cents. It would stink if the pricing went to 99 cents and up, but if I could get “You Light Up My Life” for 19 cents while the latest Jessica or Ashley Simpson spew would be 13 dollars PER SONG, I would be fine with that. That would be one way to get people to listen to truly good music. ;-)

  9. Themacman4 | Sep 14 2005 - 03:43

    You said that in the save dialogue box you can press the corresponding letter to select don’t save, but for some reason when I do it, it gives me that purring noise that tells me it’s not going to do it.

    I thought I had heard that from somewhere else once before, so I was excited when you mentioned that, but it just won’t do it for me. The excape key works to cancel it, but the letter d won’t do anything.

    Would it happen to be the version? I have 10.3.9, fyi.

  10. Themacman4 | Sep 14 2005 - 03:20

    MacAddict is a great magazine! I love it! I didn’t know you read it!

  11. Morrie | Sep 14 2005 - 11:40

    Adam, this was a great show. I think you stick it when it needs to be stick and are generous when deserved. Re ITMS in Oz on 3/10. I hope Forbes aren’t getting their info from Russell Crowe, who back in April said it’d be just around the corner. Some corner. Take care, and stay at it.