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Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about Macs done by a Mac geek for Mac geeks. Show 94. Internet feud is impacting MacCast, Apple holding an October 12th “One more thing…” event and “News Flash”, Apple can’t meet Nano demand. Clarifying the iPod Nano scratching problem, followup on iMovieHD not importing video, applications for storing encrypted data on an iPod, a simple tip for getting better game performance, can you buy iTunes Music without “bonus” content? MacCast 100th show giveaway. Send a postcard to:

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Correction: I incorrectly identified the iPod encryption software from Paraihware as PodLock, it is actually called PodSecret.

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  1. Robin Hood | Oct 08 2005 - 04:53

    I also was not able to download the MacCast due to the actions taken by Level3. I’m in Ireland, by the way, and my ISP is a Level3-only shop.

  2. GreenAlien | Oct 08 2005 - 09:48

    re the ipod nano scratches. one thing that struck me when I visited my local Apple store was how scratched all the nanos looked compared with the other iPods on display. This was only a couple of days after they got them in stock, and bear in mind the other iPods would of probably been there alot longer and so had more time to accumulate scratches. Quite frankly some of the iPod nanos looked a mess – both black and white – and the scratches were very off putting. This is certainly an issue, so I’m amazed there are some people trying to deny the issue. If I want to put a nano in my pocket without a cover, then so long as there’s noting else in my pocket like coins or keys, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect it not to pick up nasty noticable scratches.

    But the biggest thing that puts me off getting a nano is the fixed battery! when will Apple learn their lesson that fixed batteries are a terrible idea. This is one example of design over function. After owning a 3g iPod which developed a dodgy battery (and also a Psion Revo, which also has a dodgy fixed battery) I’d never ever touch another device with a fixed battery. They always seem to go bad, and when they do they’re a hassle to get fixed. Plus you don’t have the freedom to take a spare battery on a vacation.

  3. Catholic Mormon Podcast | Oct 08 2005 - 11:18

    Hey Adam – I love the show and have learned a lot from the information you have provided. Just a thought on the “One more thing…” from Apple. You don’t suppose they are going to announce some type of handheld or tablet type device? I know there were some rumors and chatter a few months ago about a patent filed, but I haven’t heard anything along those lines for a couple months and may…just maybe it’s the return of the Newton (done right)! Keep up the great work… –rob

  4. Mac_geek | Oct 08 2005 - 02:41

    I love the macCast and am looking forward to the 100th show!! I recently had my iPod mini’s battery go dead on me, and Apple wants 32.00 shipping and handling! lucky it is under warranty or it would cost alot more!

  5. Justin Winokur | Oct 08 2005 - 07:09

    For the encrypting files, why not use encrypted disk images?

    You can use disk utility to create either a regular disk image or a sparseimage of whatever size you want. You can make the AES-128 encrypted and it will be very, very secure.

  6. iMike | Oct 09 2005 - 10:45

    Keep up the good work!

    Fan from Belgum (Antwerp)

  7. Hans | Oct 09 2005 - 11:58

    Has anybody else had this problem? Ever since the last security update, I’ve been having trouble printing. I’ve not seen it mentioned anywhere. I run a dual-1G G4 and the printer is a Canon S900. The only (temporary) solution I’ve found is to reboot, which can be a real pain, as I often have many applications running (and I did before the problem began).

  8. Gary S. | Oct 10 2005 - 06:48

    I agree with Mr. Winokur, and was thinking the same thing for your listener looking to encrypt data on his iPod. Why not take advantage of the built-in OS encryption capabilities and simply create an encrypted disk image on the iPod? No need for third party apps. or costs. Just tell him to fire up Disk Utility! Simple, effective and very secure.

  9. M. Sherman | Oct 10 2005 - 07:49

    I have a U2 iPod that I got a year ago when it first came out. It doesn’t scratch *more* easily, but it does show scratches more than the white. That’s just because light hitting the scratches reflects off the scratch and appears white, so of course on a white ipod, they won’t show up as much. I use iClear cleaner on my U2 iPod and it keeps it perfect. I don’t even really keep it in a case all the time; I just take care of it. It still looks just great. I polish it up maybe once a month.

    All just FYI.

  10. M. Sherman | Oct 10 2005 - 07:06

    By the way, I think that guy from OKC meant that his city now has an Apple Store, not that he personally owns the store… Just my take on it.

  11. N. Hayes | Oct 10 2005 - 10:21

    I think that Apple is going to show something like the mighty mouse. I base this on the fact that it’s the only thing no one is talking about. If I’m right i’ll accept a brand new one and will be expecting it in the mail.

  12. Brian Markham | Oct 11 2005 - 11:48


    Love the show. Here’s my two cents on iPod’s scratching. The fact of the matter is that the iPod is going to scratch. It sucks, but it is supposed to be used. The scratches makes it unique; makes it yours. My iPod photo is scratched up beyond belief despite my care and storage of it. Whenever you use something so much, it’s going to be banged up. I don’t get why people are making such a big deal about this. It’s pretty, but the functional value of the product is way more important than the cosmetic effects. My point is: maybe people should just complain less.

    Just my two cents. Great podcast and thanks for all the support for the Colmination. Hopefully I can motivate Colm to do some more shows! Hope your vacation was good.

    – B

  13. Peter Ong | Oct 11 2005 - 08:51

    Just another solution to the iMovie problem. I had similiar problems and how I solved mine was to start the video cam playing before launching iMovie, it worked for me. Not too sure why I had to do that though. Did that too with FinalCut Express to get to work also. Hope that helps! :)

    Keep up the good work on the podcast, find yours more objective than the others out there. :)

  14. Corey Atad | Oct 11 2005 - 08:41

    I actually think the guy from OKC meant that he is now the proud owner of and Apple Computer (got his words mixed up.)

  15. Matt Hoult | Oct 12 2005 - 02:08

    Can I ask why everyone assumes that a new product launch (an assumption in itself) has to be hardware (computer related or technology related)? Why can’t it be truly groundbreaking software? Something truly remarkable like Photoshop was on it’s release, some Movie software was when it was released and of course Office suites always have been on their release. That’s not to mention such things as instant messengers and other generally (now) freeware. Groundbreaking in it’s day.

    Of course I would still bet on something the public can hold and thus appreciate, use as a PC user and thus appreciate, but it doesn’t have to be iPods or iBooks. It could just as well be cross-platform software or even a new monitor or the like (something based on Xerox PARCs design for… well you’d have to have seen the MS video because I can’t even describe it; but you get the idea.