Video iPods and new iMacs

Written by: Adam Christianson

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iPod VideoWell looks like I was totally wrong. Despite what Steve says Apple announced the video iPod today along with a new version of iTunes to allow customers to purchase video content. Looks like initially the video content is limited to music videos and some popular ABC and Disney TV shows. I am really excited to see TV content available for purchase at only $1.99 per episode. This could be a huge benefit to us non PVR owners. The new iPods are smaller, but have a slightly larger 2.5″ screen and of course provide video out so you can connect to a TV for a better viewing experience. The new iPod Video is also available in black. Looks like Apple has done a good job here, but they will need to work hard on getting more video content for iTunes. I just hope that there may be a possible software update for those of us with older color and photo iPods.

I haven’t had a chance to really explore the mew iMac G5s, but it looks like the big updates are new Front Row media software and a remote for viewing all of your multimedia content (photos, video, music, podcasts, etc), a built in iSight camera with new PhotoBooth application, processor and video card upgrades, comes with a Mighty Mouse and Apple finally ditched the built-in 56K modem (although an external $49 USB modem is available as an option).

Another subtle change was pointed out by listener Charlie. Apple has moved the eMac to the education area of the site.

I am just back from my trip and trying to catch up. I have a meeting tonight, but will try to get a Podcast out soon. We have so much to talk about. Stay tuned.

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  1. Josh | Oct 12 2005 - 12:39

    Hmm. I’m sorta confussed. It doesn’t say “Video iPods” on the apple store. I took it as these are just the new iPods with video capabilities. But, maybe I’m the one who’s wrong. Although, I do think the “Video iPod” is in the near future. – Josh

  2. Peter French | Oct 12 2005 - 12:27

    This should help vid cast programs like command N and systm.

  3. Jonathan | Oct 12 2005 - 01:43

    So now that video has been introduced to iTunes 6, I wonder if it would somehow be possible to play them on the older color iPod Photos (or for that matter, the color Nanos. I think if Apple found a way to do this, the video section of iTunes would have an easier time being successful. I just got my iPod photo a couple of months ago so I won’t be getting the new one any time soon just for video capabilities, even though I am interested in it.

    I understand the hardware probably can’t handle it, but I would still be happy with a reduced framerate or less-than-stellar quality video than none at all.

  4. Mason | Oct 12 2005 - 01:30

    Um…. This is the video ipod….

  5. Ken | Oct 12 2005 - 01:58

    It is the video iPod, Stevie J just doesn’t want to emphasize on video he still thinks it all about the music.

  6. Mason | Oct 12 2005 - 01:00

    I dont get it, why dont new ipods, video and nano have the other connecter to use like iBean and iTrip and stuff…. now if you want the new one you dont have those features, and ” More features in less space? Sounds like iPod.” I dont think so, taking away that connecter port takes away a few good features, i was gonna sell my iPod photo and get one of these, but i have a lot of accessories that i would use with this one if it had the port.

  7. Mason | Oct 12 2005 - 01:39

    Oh yes, even the iPod photos were called iPod photos, once they cut down the greyscaled ones they didn’t call them iPod photos, they previous ipods were still iPod photos just not called ipod, i dont think he isn’t trying to emphasize the video/photo, but its just the short simple sexy name that everyone likes.

  8. Carlos Whittaker | Oct 12 2005 - 01:56

    So what is this I hear about the connector? Will our old connectors not work with this one? I’m going to buy one tonight so ill let you know.

  9. adamf | Oct 12 2005 - 02:24

    Just cause it can show videos and photos doesn’t mean the name has to be anything other than “iPod”.

    iPod Photo Video would be a pretty dumb name.

  10. John P | Oct 12 2005 - 02:36

    No, I think its because when there were greyscaled displays and color, they had to call the other one photo, when the greyscale went away they just called the photo, ipod.

    there is no longer a ipod color
    the ipod video is taking the place and since there is no other normal ipod the ipod video takes the name iPod

    if there was still an ipod greyscale they would probably call the greyscale the ipod and this the ipod video

  11. Seth | Oct 12 2005 - 02:16

    Thank You Apple, just thank you. I recommend all of you to also check out the video of the announcement, its on the bottom right of the homepage on although the ipod took the show, this new imac has so pretty cool stuff. Alright, let the credit card numbers fly.

  12. Scott Johnson | Oct 12 2005 - 03:13

    Apple have done it again – spot on Mr Jobs! The streaming video on the is extremely busy at the moment, and as I try and watch it from here in the UK, it’s breaking up quite a bit, even though I’m on a 2Mbps broadband connecton. I’ll probably wait until early tomorrow morning, when it will be less busy in the US by then hopefully.

  13. Marc | Oct 12 2005 - 03:08

    The Video iPod is a great addition to a superb product line, how ever the new product that stands out for me is the iMac update, I mean WOW an iSight built in awesome!

    The new software looks really cool too, Front Row and PhotoBooth and that sexy looking remote, this was an unexpected surprise!

  14. Jason | Oct 12 2005 - 04:31


    Does anyone know if iTunes 6 or QT7 allow users to convert legally owned DVDs into video format for the new video iPod?

    I looked at the iTunes video store and was disappointed (really, really let down) that the huge bulk of content is music videos and schlocky TV shows. I loathe music videos (I don’t want my MTV), but I would really enjoy being able to watch movies on the video iPod – home-movies and box-office movies.

    Anyway, if it’s possible to convert DVDs to the proper format, I’d see a great reason to have a video iPod.

  15. Chris Holland | Oct 12 2005 - 04:19

    Yes I remember the TV wristwatches that were introduced 20 years ago. They were hugely popular. A massive hit.

    oh hang on a sec… that’s right… they failed miserably. Come on .. this is a tiny little screen. What is the point of a video ipod? It’s so dumb.

    And 2USD to watch an episode of a sit com? on a tiny screen. you’re only ever going to watch it ONCE.

    The new iMac G5s look spectacular though. I am curious to see how slim they are.

  16. Seth | Oct 12 2005 - 04:36

    if you want a bigger selection of tv show and movies theres a great program out there… its called limewire.

  17. Bruce | Oct 12 2005 - 04:51

    I was all excited about the new iPods until I found out that just like the Nano they do not sync over FireWire. My iMac was made before USB 2.0 was invented so now I’m screwed. How long do you think it will take to fill up a 60GB iPod with USB 1.0? It’s a good scary thought for Halloween.

  18. Chris Holland | Oct 12 2005 - 05:22

    Ha ha ha @ Limewire comment from Seth

    Yes, it’s great :)

    $1.99 vs Free.

    It’s a toughie…

  19. Mav Block | Oct 12 2005 - 05:53

    I want a video iPod REALLY badly (I currently have a 60 GB Color). Also, it’s annoying for me that they updated the imacs because I just got one (and an isight) a couple months ago! Depending on how my current less than 90 day old iPod fares, they might have to replace it (iTunes 6 messed it up).

  20. Nick Circosta | Oct 12 2005 - 05:11

    apple doesnt call it the ipod video because its NOT the ipod video its just an ipod that can play video..
    its a GREAT buissness trick so that apple can release a ipod video whenever they want

  21. Shayne | Oct 12 2005 - 06:53


    Isn’t that what everybody said about free downloads of music vs. paid downloads from iTunes? Yet ITMS has been a huge success. If you are rich enough, the convenience and ease of ITMS is huge compared to the money you are spending. Some people just don’t have to care that much about money. (I’m not one of them, but I still have a legally downloaded or burned music collection.)

  22. Josh | Oct 12 2005 - 06:48

    I couldn’t agree more with you, Nick. – Josh

  23. RailRider | Oct 12 2005 - 06:49

    I, like Adam, didn’t really expect an iPod with video capabilities. But, for those of us who don’t care about it, it’s still a decent iPod upgrade. For the same $299 as before, you get a larger screen, 50 percent more hard drive space, increased battery life and a slightly smaller/sleeker form factor. It’s a smart move by Apple: everything’s better for the same price, plus you can play videos. It doesn’t alienate anyone (except for those who do not have USB 2.0).

    I just bought a nano, so I’ll be holding tight for now as to not invoke the wrath of the significant other. Ah, I fondly remember the good ole single days when the money could go wherever it wanted!

  24. Deus | Oct 12 2005 - 09:35

    Hmm , I am Guessing there’s sum mischief on Apple’s part here . From whaty ive read all around , it does’nt seem as if the Technical aspects of the Video iPod have been bumped any higher than that of the Colour’s or the Photo’s .
    Further , the iPod Linux Project has succesfully operated Video’s on the Colour’s and the Photo’s and are Working on in for the Nano’s (SheeessH !! Talk about Ultra Small screen . We’d be watching Matrix and it’d be like “WHOA….cool Special FX !!!” ….

  25. Alex Santos | Oct 13 2005 - 12:01

    I am sure there will be a hack to run video on the ipod photo, not so sure about the nano but who am I to say. This is an educated guess although I have read somewhere that the ipod photo is capable enough to do it. Who knows…

    Anyway the new Apple gear just is another example of the democratization of technology. I think the built in iSight in the new iMac is brilliant, promoting video over the net for free. Everyone will follow suit and I should mention that this is where the iMac and eMac form factor REALLY shines!

    This is huge!

  26. Nick Circosta | Oct 13 2005 - 02:06

    ahhh now the best part the iMacs :)
    isignt inbuilt…. in imacs hey…
    apple is testing the market for this.. and WILL most probebly integrate isight into its other product line :)

  27. marc | Oct 13 2005 - 03:18

    hi – i was wondering in what format and resolution those TV Shows are being provided at ? There seems to be no info whatsoever within iTunes. Although i am not able to download these files since i live in Switzerland, it would be nice to know since i have been using an eyehome media server for quite some time and maybe in the future it will be possible to download content through the swiss itunes shop as well.

  28. GreenAlien | Oct 13 2005 - 04:31

    The Front Row software looks promising. Nicer looking than Microsoft’s Media Centre. Roll on a PVR-enabled high-def Mac Mini with Front Row 2.0 and Intel-inside!

    Sure the new iMac and iPod are an improvement, but I want to see Apple thinking bigger. Adding video to the iPod is nice, but it’s just an incremental improvement – and at 1.99 USD for a music video it’s bordering on a gimmick TBH.

    What would of impressed me would be 1) Mac Mini PVR HD w/Front Row, 2) An intel-based laptop with builtin vid cam – similar to the new iMac’s cam, or 3) a next generation media device, like a PSP and Nokia Communicator combined, with better qwerty keyboard and a touch screen. Even an Apple-branded Symbian-based UMTS smartphone with a proper iTunes client (no dodgy Motorola rubbish thanks) would be a huge step forward.

    Meanwhile I’ll carry on dreaming and see what Apple do next year…

  29. Scott | Oct 13 2005 - 05:20

    With iTunes 6.0 out it looks like iLife ’06 is on it’s way…

  30. Jason | Oct 13 2005 - 06:16

    Looks like there’s a website that instructs how to put porn on the video iPod. (Leave it to the porn freaks to come up with something so quickly!)

    Anyway, I guess the pornstructions can be used for converting any type of video content, except from DVD. I still think it’s crappy that Apple didn’t come up with an app to allow video iPod users to convert videos properly. itunes converts CDs to AAC, MP3, etc. It should do the same for DVDs.

  31. Mike | Oct 13 2005 - 07:21

    I’m totally with everyone who is wishing for a Mac mini PVR type device. Even an “Airport Video Express” would be evry cool. The Frontrow app looks way cool. I certainly hope it will be available for other Mac’s soon.

  32. Melanie | Oct 13 2005 - 07:03

    wow just when we thought the nano was as good as it could get they give us two fabulous new products! I’m excited about the new ipod because it is even thinner than before. I think it is great that itunes is offering tv episodes along with the music videos! sometimes i just don’t have enough time to sit in front of the tv even if i did Tivo the episode. it might be worth the $1.99 if i could watch one of my fave shows on my way to work. However, i think apple really needs to expand their video section for me to even consider upgrading to the new ipod. for me it really is still all about music. although, if itunes expanded their video section i would love to have the new ipod as it would allow me to load up my fave videos on the tv to create my own “MTV” sans all of the crappy tv shows & reruns! On top of all of that I have some lingering compatability questions about the new ipod-i would hate it if the new ipod didn’t work with my accessories (Altec speakers etc.) (i haven’t had to time to seriously look into this), or if it transfered data slower because i don’t have USB 2.0(something i am going to have to deal with regardless unless i upgrade,but I am waiting for the intel integration to buy a new laptop). So, i guess i am debating about upgrading my ipod. I realize more people are excited about the ipod w/ video integration (especially given all the crazy rumours) but the new iMac is a gem. I was playing around with a friend’s new iMac G5 this weekend and fell in love with it, but the new and improved iMac is to die for. the teeny tiny built in isight with the remote control is just too much. i have already told my parents to buy my college age sister this computer for christmas. i really hope that apple does a similar integration w/ other products because once i had an ibook i couldn’t even think about going back to the imac…oh how i wish my law firm would make the switch…my office would look so much cuter with one of the new imacs!!!!!

  33. cam | Oct 13 2005 - 07:46

    Well, I just downloaded a TV show, hoping that it would play on my photo ipod. Dumb. I figured that even if it worked, that I wouldn’t be all that interested in watching something on such a tiny screen, but for 2 bucks, I thought I’d give it a try. I can watch it on my computer, but I’m not really that interested in doing that.

    I had hoped that if it didn’t work on my ipod, that I could burn a dvd, but I don’t see a way to do that. I wonder if Apple will do something to make video play on a photo ipod in the future.

    Having downloaded itunes 6.0, I hope I don’t have problems with it like I did with version 5. After spending days downloading my entire CD collection, my music library was damaged, and I can’t figure out how to recover that. There’s probably a way that I just don’t know about, but I really don’t want to do that again. Especially, since the old, damaged one is still there, taking up hard drive space.

    I am pleased to see the new imacs however.

  34. GreenAlien | Oct 13 2005 - 02:35

    @cam I can confirm you can’t burn the movie to CD/DVD. Steve mentioned that in his keynote.

  35. Neil | Oct 14 2005 - 05:45

    So what’s the chance that Front Row will be made available as a stand alone piece of software that we can now all enjoy?? I’ve just purchased a new G5 iMac and was pretty happy that Apple upgraded the machine to the 2GHz processor etc etc at the time. Now I feel naff! I know natural order in Mac World is for more technically beautiful and more powerful products to be unleashed every few months but hey! Lets hope thay don’t forget about us and make available these new goodies!

  36. Bruce | Oct 14 2005 - 07:27

    Just to try out the ability, I bought a music video last night. Troube is that every time I play it, a few seconds in it pauses for a few seconds and then continues normally. Really annoying. Even worse, when I try to skip around in the video it stutters and stammers as if I was watching it off the net instead of my HD. I can’t imagine what could be causing the problem and I’ve emailed Apple about it. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  37. GreenAlien | Oct 14 2005 - 09:27

    @Neil, in Steve’s keynote while he was demoing Front ROw he said “if you’re lucky enough to own one of the new iMacs” or something along those lines, which gave the impression it’s not available for previous iMac G5s. Bit stilly if they decide to stick to that. things like that doesnt help brand loyalty.

  38. Neil | Oct 14 2005 - 11:40

    Thanks Green Alien, your right, leaves an unpleasant taste of bad Apple in the mouth! Hope thats not the case though, maybe they will offer it in iLife 06???