Apple announces new PowerMacs, PowerBooks and Aperture

Written by: Adam Christianson

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As expected Apple announced new PowerMacs with dual-core G5 processors, along with new Powerbooks and a new photo application called Aperture which looks like a Pro level version of iPhoto.

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  1. Matt Hoult | Oct 19 2005 - 12:57

    This looks like an insane day. I have been reading anything and everything and have no time left for discussion! Some brave moves by Apple today; they may well take some punishment for this, or they may well see the iPod of the software market.

    The G5 looks awsome and someone has to buy me one. The powerbook update looks far less significant but it’s still a very nice release. I strongly urge everyone to take a closer look at Aperture; I think it’s a contender.

    If anyone finds a video of the presentation then can they please point me at it; I am dying here.

  2. Mo Hoyt | Oct 19 2005 - 12:27

    What immense products Apple have released! Now they hava a Pro version of every app in the iLife suite (apart from iTunes, but does one need that?)!

    Quad-core Powermacs… 16 Gb RAM… 512 Mb Nvidia Quadro Graphics. Can you get much better?

    The new powerbooks look pleasing, but Apple hasn’t really changed much with the 12 inch model!

  3. tiiim | Oct 19 2005 - 12:01

    The new G5’s look amazing, great for the power hungry user. The PB while don’t have the “wow” factor are still a very nice upgrade. The specs of Aperture look very good, Matt i think you’re right it looks like a contender here….

  4. Chris | Oct 19 2005 - 02:41

    Wow, everything looks nice but this risky move by Apple has my mind boggled. Who uses that word anyways. Still, improving nicly on the Macs was a nice touch to the line. I think most die hard mac users or afectionado’s will jump to get these sweet pieces of engineering due to the fact that this might be the last of the PowerPC chips. They could have done better with the Powerbooks but, I guess with the holiday season coming up, they just want to get there stuff out there. Aperture looks like a great program. If I only had enough money I would get a new mac. oh well


  5. Carol | Oct 19 2005 - 02:10

    I’m wondering if Photoshop users will be interested in Aperture. It seems like the price puts Apple in that range. I’ll be curious to see how they compare. I would’ve pre-ordered a copy, but the price stopped me. I’ll wait until it’s been out awhile.

  6. Craig Patchett | Oct 19 2005 - 02:10

    Interesting to note that Front Row is not included on the PBs or G5s.

  7. Gabe | Oct 19 2005 - 03:04

    Aperture looks nice but surely they’ve got to add “straighten” to iPhoto. If not I can see them losing a lot of market share to Picasa the day they compete head-on, which also has the excellent “fill” function. Come on, straighten for everybody!

  8. rickt42uk | Oct 19 2005 - 03:10

    Erm, hate to patronise you Gabe, but in iPhoto 5 click on a picture, to Edit it, click adjust and then click Adjust. Straighten is just above Sharpen. You need a G4 and iPhoto 5 to get this option up – it’s been there since last January. Picassa could never compete with iPhoto, it isn’t out on the Mac, and iPhoto is in a much better league in terms of usability and functionality for the most part because it works with iTunes, iMovie and iDVD. Still, I am sure there will be plenty of new features to look forward to in iPhoto 6 in January – prizes for anyone who picks out which Aperture features make it.

    The only massive problem with Aperture is the kit that you need to run it! Apple don’t sell a single machine that can run it out the box! 1GB minimum RAM?! Who they hell thought that was a good idea?

  9. Sebastian | Oct 19 2005 - 03:05


    Straighten is available in iPhoto 5.

  10. c.CAUTHEN | Oct 19 2005 - 07:41

    I don’t know if I haven’t noticed before. Was the 30″ Cinema Display always $2,499 ? Or have they recently dropped their price on that baby.

  11. Scott Bass | Oct 19 2005 - 07:14

    Alot of people are talking about the new hirez screens on the powerbooks and memory upgrades but everyone seems to be overlooking that apple has finally made 7200rpm drives available, this will make a major difference in speed :) even though the processor was not upgraded if you get the faster drive it will seem like it was

  12. Gabe | Oct 20 2005 - 02:22

    Sounds like I need a little patronising! Will investigate further :)

  13. Gabe | Oct 20 2005 - 02:32

    OIC, it’s cuz I’ve still got a G3. Whoops!