MacCast 11.16.2005

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about Macs done by a Mac geek for Mac geeks. Show 102. MacCast Expo Report, I rundown the list of many people who I meet at the show (sorry if I missed you), give my thoughts and impressions and say thanks to all the listeners who made it out and stopped me to say hi. Special thanks to Adam Curry, the PodShow crew, Victor from Typical PC User podcast and of course Leo Laporte

iPod Nanos are now shipping with protective sleeves, Macs are not immune to Sonys DRM tricks, Jobs offers OS X for free to $100 laptop project, your cell phone may interfere with your new 5th generation iPod, iPodder Lemon latest victim in Apple’s iPod name protection assault, Apple finally releases single CPU G5 firmware update and first seeds of OS 10.4.4 is released to developers. My impressions of the 5th generation iPod, Quad core G5s hit the streets and look to deliver on their expectations. You want to know when will you be getting your iPod Settlement. The origin of the “sosumi” system sound and moving your “Libraries” doesn’t always work out. Looks like our subscribe/unsubscribe experiment failed.

New music, Sun Lotion by Steadman and promos, The Pocket and the Pendant, Real Gamerz and PodCacher

It’s like how hot dogs come in packs of 10, and buns come in packs of eight or 12 — you have to buy nine packs to make it come out even.

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  1. Ken | Nov 16 2005 - 03:31

    Thanks Adam for mentioning me in your podcast! it was great meeting you. Here is the picture from the expo of me and you:

  2. Derrick | Nov 16 2005 - 03:34


    If you want to make the output from the 5G iPod even better … using Handbrake, increase the encoding rate and pixel size of the content.

    For example:
    Use MPEG4/AAC
    2200 kbps encoding rate
    Frame size:
    16×9 – 640×360
    4×3 – 500×375 (I haven’t tried 4×3 yet)

    The result still plays on the iPod and looks fantastic when viewed on a TV … close to DVD quality.

  3. Nick Circosta | Nov 16 2005 - 06:10

    Wonderfull Show as allways :)

  4. Dimplemonkey | Nov 16 2005 - 07:58

    I thought I was crazy but apparently not. You announced the date for this podcast as October 16, 2005! You must have been tired from your trip!

  5. TimTheEnchanter | Nov 17 2005 - 01:15

    I concern to your Apple Podcast ranking, Since you have basically 2 (normal and enhanced) Podcasts of the same show, doesn’t this basically split up your total. I believe Apple looks at both as separate subscriptions. Does this explain why your ranking has dropped? Seems to me this is the case. Keep up the great work and congrats on 100!

    TTE :)

  6. Spark* Podcast | Nov 17 2005 - 10:11

    haha, I noticed that too… love the show adam, keep up the good work

  7. Ed from Vancouver | Nov 17 2005 - 10:27

    Question about the 5G iPod cell phone interference… Does the interfernece only occur with GSM phones (T-Mobile, Cingular, Rogers, Fido, etc.)? I use a GSM phone (Rogers in Canada) and it emits a LOT of interfernce to my desktop speakers and other audio equipment. I don’t personally own a 5G iPod so I cannot test it for myself. Generally, from what I have heard (and based on my experience), GSM phones emit a lot more interference than CDMA phones (Verizon, Sprint, Telus, Bell, etc.).

  8. Hans van de Vorst – Netherlands | Nov 26 2005 - 10:24


    Awesome show! I listen to your show every time but at the moment I’m a week behind. I have a good tip though for those who have a 5G iPod and would like to have video clips of their music DVD’s. I use Cinematize to convert my clips to the iPod, Cimematize is user friendly and breaks each chapter in separate .mov files. I than use podner to get them to the iPod. You than have for each album track a separate video in an amazing video and audio quality. For converting my DVD movies to the iPod I always use Handbrake. All the best & congrats on 100! Hans