MacCast 12.17.2005

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 109. Intel Yonah Chips available early in January. 13.3″ Intel widescreen iBook rumored. Fan manages 8GB iPod Mini upgrade. Student advisor ousted for encouraging students to use Macs [link]. Lots of new iTunes stuff, Google iTunes search, Podcasts user reviews and ratings as well as top 100 by category, free tracks with PayPal purchases of iTunes gift certificates, Apple cancels iTunes rintones and HBO expresses interest in iTunes video. Lots of feedback on removing Apples rumored removal of Firewire 400. Follow up on Mac insurance “riders”. The history of widgets on the Mac, Konfabulator and Yahoo! Widget Engine as Dashboard alternatives and ways to keep widgets on your desktop. Options for how to share files between a Mac and a PC and will new Macs feature “Intel Inside” branding?

New music, My Own Merry Christmas by Geoff Smith

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There’s always work at the post office.

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  1. Nick Circosta | Dec 18 2005 - 05:46

    Very nice…
    The iPaq Pocket PC’s are powerd by Intel Chips (well mine is) and it doesnt have an intel stickers

    But if apple really needed one they could put it on the bottem next to there item info like voltage ect

    Or how do ppl feel about an Intel Logo with the Apple logo at loading :P

  2. Chris | Dec 18 2005 - 09:57

    I guess the advantage of an intel inside sticker is.. that you could peel it right off [the minute you buy it] :)

    But (like Adam said) I don’t think Steve would allow a tackly sticker

    The iPod nano blew us away… I really think the next wave of apple laptops are going to be stunning.. can’t wait.

  3. harry myhre | Dec 18 2005 - 10:21

    Re: widgets
    Can I use the yahoo style (konfabulator) widgets in the apple system? Are the two widget formats compatible?

  4. Bob Spence | Dec 19 2005 - 02:11

    Hi from Brisbane Australia.

    Love the podcast, I first took notice of it when Leo Laporte recommended it on TWiT.

    I develop software on PC and Mac all the time, and I prefer to edit the PC project files on my Mac with BBedit or XCode, so I just Share the folders of interest on the PC (Win 2K), then connect to them in the Finder via Network/ and select the folder from the popup list. Once connected I can copy files to and from the PC folder via the Finder just like any other folder on the Mac.

    I can make an alias to a file on the PC, and when I double-click it, its shared folder will be connected if not already mounted and opened in the appropriate app on the Mac.

  5. Wilf | Dec 19 2005 - 09:59

    I could imagine intel branding on boot up, but not on the mac physically.

    Thanks for another great show Adam!

    by the way everyone, that was me wishing the MacCast a happy birthday! Happy birthday again!

  6. HTPC Blog | Dec 19 2005 - 10:43

    Just thought your readers would like to know that the latest iPod, the iPod Invisa, is now available on eBay…

  7. MTigerV | Dec 20 2005 - 02:11

    I love the show, but a correction. Konfabulator was cross-platform long before Tiger (almost 2 years)

  8. JTCEdinburgh | Dec 20 2005 - 08:42

    Hi Adam, firstly let me thank you for an enjoyable and informative Podcast. I was interested in your feature on networking Macs and PCs. My situation differs from any you mentioned, and I thought I’d mention it here. Basically, both Mac and PC inhabit the same workgroup, and my Mac login is the same as that on the PC (with the same password). This way, I can connect back and forth from either machine without any particular difficulties. Otherwise, things are pretty standard. From the PC end, I can actually browse the entire Mac HDD, though the ‘roaming login’ inevitably prevents me doing anything in those folders in which OSX would prevent me doing things (if that makes sense). Inexplicably, however, from PC->Mac things are very slow, but I’ve no idea why.

    Mainly, however, as someone who buys into the Mac idea (a PB12 and a G5/2.7) but needs to keep a PC for professional reasons, I use Microsoft Remote Desktop and remotely control the PC using the G5; works well, and a part of me wonders whether my slightly quirky network arrangement is in some way related to my use of RDC. Apart from the oddity of not having a mapping for the backslash key via RDC, it saves me having to have the PC connected to a screen, mouse and keyboard, and allows me to have it located elsewhere (so that it doesn’t clutter the look of the G5 tower). I use the same software, RDC, to control a web-server I operate 500 miles away, and use sftp for file transfer between Mac and this (PC based, alas) web server.

    Anyway, though you might be interested to hear of this. If anyone is curious about my network setup, I can dig out more details…

    John (Edinburgh, Scotland)

  9. maccast | Dec 20 2005 - 07:56

    According to Wikipedia (assuming it’s accurate ;) ), OS X Tiger and Dashboard were previewed by Steve jobs at the Apple World Wide Developer conference on June 28th, 2004. ( Konfabulator for Windows was available with the 1.8 version which was released November 8th, 2004. ( So while I am sure the Windows version of Konfabulator was already in active development before WWDC 2004 th official release actually happened about 4 months after Apple showed Dashboard to the public.