MacCast 01.01.2006

Written by: Adam Christianson

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iPod Battery Settlement moves forward, finally! The new Intel Logo and “Leap Ahead” slogan. New lawsuit alleges OS X updates damaged Powerbooks. Sony “rootkit” settlement includes iTunes options. Apple VP of design, Jonathan Ive inducted into the Order of the British Empire. Has Apple outsourced the next PowerMac motherboard to Intel? Apples redesigned support site. Follow-up on Bluetooth keyboards and startup keys. Follow-up on spellchecking in Firefox. The easy way to convert DVDs to iPod format, Handbrake Lite. New Mac? Try Apples Migration Assistant. Clearing up my comments on Mac PC file sharing. A couple new resources for the new Mac user or recent “switcher”. The Typical Mac User podcast and

New music, I Cannot Be With You by South Oval

I hate common sense, it’s so common.

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  1. Cfsporn | Jan 01 2006 - 02:51

    I hope they don’t outscorce the Mobo prouduction.

  2. ChrisM | Jan 01 2006 - 02:13

    So the $50 settlement is “in the post” – got me thinking, what would you buy from Apple with the $50?

  3. GS | Jan 01 2006 - 06:37

    Hi, you said you are considering Tivo and EyeHome, have you ever look into this? This looks like a HD version of media player for Mac:

  4. Nick Circosta | Jan 02 2006 - 03:29

    wonderfull :)
    and i just discoverd that i can use my SingStar PS2 USB Microphone converter workes with my ibook :), Pointless but still cool

  5. Roy Pembroke | Jan 02 2006 - 11:59

    You asked about the honour awarded to Jonathan Ive. The UK has a complex system of honours given in the name of The Queen on two principal occasions each year – Her Majesty’s birthday in June and at New Year. A very small number of honours are decided on by The Queen alone. Generally the people honoured are approved by the Government and can range from the most senior people in Government, the armed forces and industry to ordinary people who have made a special contribution to their community. There are many different honours and ranks within each honour. Each honour and rank reflects the importance of the individual’s contribution and their work. The CBE awarded to Jonathan Ive is a fairly senior rank probably because Her Majesty is our best known iPod user.

    I hope that helps.

  6. Joe | Jan 02 2006 - 03:02

    I love your podcast so much, thank you so much for all your hard work, may 2006 be your best year yet :)
    Dallas, TX

  7. Scott | Jan 04 2006 - 03:56

    I have been a MAC user for 2 mo. I am a converted PC user. I will never buy a Windows PC again. Also I have been using iPods for 3 years. This Christmas my wife got me a video Ipod. So I am doing more with my iPod. Your Pod cast is great and I continue to learn more and more every day with you podcast.
    Scott A

  8. Debbie | Jan 05 2006 - 10:56

    Thanks for the information on migration assitsant. When I went to upgrade my 12″powermac G4 from panther to tiger it worked perfectly. I used cabon copy cloner to create the back up and the migration assistant program recognized it and brought everything over (appilcations and users). However, when I went to use it on my home computer G5 it would not recognized the back up. I got so frustrated with the situation and tried many ways of bringing everything over. Eventually, I had to bring the users over by hand and appications then change permissions. This exact situation also happened to a friend. Has anyone ever heard of this? What could have gone wrong? Thanks, Debbie L.A., CA.
    Thanks for the show. Debbie Los Angeles,CA

  9. Cab | Jan 06 2006 - 01:14

    I have MacMini with Logitec wireless keyboard and mouse. I wasn’t able to eject bootable disk by holding mouse button down during bootup. This is even bigger problem because MacMini doesn’t have the hole for manual disk ejection.
    The only way worked for me was using the USB mouse instead.

  10. pat | Jan 07 2006 - 06:50

    Handbrakelite does not seem faster than Handbrake,in
    fact it seems slower. I didn’t actually time both programs converting the same movie,but it is now only 40% done a 90 minute movie and has been working 2 hours.

  11. Shawn | Jan 09 2006 - 03:26

    I seem to have problems with Handbrake Lite like many users at its forum are also having. It will freeze up at 100% complete and I’ll have to go to a laborious task of ejecting the disk (And hard drive – I’m having it encoded on an external drive) and moving stuff around just to get the file to drag it into iTunes. Not worth it personally, but I also ate up a lot of disk space having a file as well. Good, but I’d rather have iSquint do this for me. It seems much better at everything, just need that DVD ripping part added to it.