GeekCam is Back! Widget Updated.

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff

GeekCam WidgetYou may have already noticed that as of today the MacCast MacGeek Cam is back! Now you can once again keep an eye me as I go about my daily biz prepping the show and what not.

I know, you are all thrilled.

To add to the excitement of this momentous occasion MacNeo, has updated the MacCast GeekCam Dashboard Widget for OS X Tiger. Click here for screenshots. So now you can have my ugly mug just a F12 keystroke away.

[ Download GeekCam Widget ] ~129Kb

So grab it now and I promise I will try to avoid computing in my underwear.

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  1. Paul | Jun 15 2006 - 03:02

    You look tired. Take a break man

  2. Lloyd | Jun 15 2006 - 03:29

    He does look tired, maybe a quart low on coffee…

  3. Dave | Jun 15 2006 - 04:31

    You have a Geek Cam? Uh, I learn something new everyday.

  4. ha ha | Jun 15 2006 - 06:06

    ha ha – computing in underwear! adam, you’d either lose visitors, or gain an all new audience. the naughtymaccast =)

  5. James | Jun 19 2006 - 11:03

    Never been so happy to see a geek in my life!!