MacCast 07.08.2006

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 148. Strange and random iPod news, a teenager blames getting struck by lightning, National Semiconductor fires employees and takes away their iPods, 10 new iPod Interface designs filled with the European trademark and design office, is Microsoft planning a wi-fi iPod “killer” for Christmas? Apple sued for stock option grant irregularities. Apple announces new educational iMac. Apple cancels plans for new Portland, OR retail store. Chicago radio station offers custom iTunes Music Store interface on their web site. OS 10.4.7. quietly adds Dashboard “phone home” feature. Ellen Feiss is appearing in an upcoming French short film, Bed and Breakfast. Apple may add spreadsheets to iWork ’07 with “Charts”. 10.4.7 Intel OpenGL update from Blizzard. Review: PocketMac for Blackberry. How to manage OS X Mails “Previous Recipients”. Should you turn your Mac off or leave it on? How to place folders or files anywhere in the Dock. Additional comments and thoughts on Codeweavers CrossOver for Mac. What is Apple’s definition of owning music? Tips on keeping your iTunes purchased music. Remember to vote at PodcastAlley

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  1. ben hengst | Jul 08 2006 - 01:25

    Hay Adam,

    Thanks for noting about the Portland Apple Store, being a Portland Native my self. It was realy nice to hear that you lived here, in our fair city. While I was listing to the rest of the show, I did a little digging. The store that Apple wanted was the old home of ‘Divine Designs’, a few blocks north of the Restoration Hardware. It seems that the issue is not about the destruction of a landmark but more about fitting in to the neighborhood. from :

    “The proposed store would replace a former clinic and retail building that dates to 1982, so nothing historic would be destroyed. But city design guidelines adopted in 2000 say new buildings “will seek to incorporate design themes characteristic of similar buildings” in the historic district.”

    It’s sad to see that there will not be another Apple store in the area but there’s already one downtown (less then 2 Miles from the this new site), and two in the suburbs. So gladly we will not be apple-less.

    Thanks again for the news and the show.


  2. Ronnie | Jul 08 2006 - 01:27

    Hi Adam
    Great show…

    I cant believe that teenager who was struck by lightning is blaming the iPod…

    When there is a thunderstorm, you musn’t use any electronic device like this.
    This is like walking in the middle of an empty field with a lightning conductor in your hand…

    In my country, where there are really really big thunderstorms, it is like a religion to unplug computers, take out any hearing aid device, etc when there are thunders.

  3. Norm | Jul 08 2006 - 02:44

    Hey Adam,
    Interesting about the kid, his ipod, and lightning. How strange. Funny tidbits at the beginning of each show. By the way, thanks for playing tyhe Stars and Stripes on the July 4th show. I had forgotten what a great march it is.

    You mean there are actually people who do not use Macs?


  4. maccast | Jul 08 2006 - 09:18

    Hey Ben,
    So yeah, I guess my point is how do the Pottery Ban and Restoration Hardware have “themes characteristic of similar buildings” in the historic district.”? I guess they were built pre-2000 so they must be grandfathered in.

  5. Graham Lee | Jul 10 2006 - 07:22

    In fact, Ronnie, I’d go as far as to say that the iPod saved the kid’s life. He was going to get struck anyway, and the current went from his head to his ears, down the cord, into the iPod then presumably down his leg. Had the iPod not been there then the path of least resistance would have been through his body, so the kid’s heart would’ve taken a beating.

  6. Dean | Jul 10 2006 - 11:30

    From the “Common Sense Need Not Apply” dept:

    Is it just me? Why in the world would you be out mowing your lawn in a thunderstorm??? Hello?

    This ranks right down there on the Common-Sense-O-Meter with “Putting a hot cup of coffee in your lap while driving”

  7. macFanDave | Jul 10 2006 - 04:01

    1. The kid who got hit by lightning while mowing the lawn: Blame the iPod?! Was his lawn mower made of wood and hard rubber?

    2. The rumored Microsoft ploy of reading iTunes’ lists and buying the songs for “switchers” sounds illegal to me. For people who have lots of songs, it will cost MicroShaft more to license the music than the player costs. That’s a predatory and deceptive trade practice called dumping. If the practice is allowed somehow, wouldn’t it be great for a lot of us iPod users (especially those of you with large music libraries) to buy the M$ POS, get Softee to buy us the replacement tracks and then return the mPods. Even if it would be possible for M$ to get refunds from the music companies for the returned devices, the administrative nightmare would be so outrageous, hatred for MicroShaft in this ill-fated endeavor will end it.

    It was funny to see The Today Show this morning pimping the Microsoft VaporPod while pumping the iPod. Since the VaporPod doesn’t exist yet, the story consisted of many images of iPods and Apple Stores. At the end, the anchors were talking all about their own personal iPods. What a great ad!

  8. Flashman | Jul 10 2006 - 06:53

    Regarding the Dashboard “phone home” feature, MacGeekery published a great article on exactly what is happening, including tips for doing your own tcpdump research. I can’t put their conclusion any better, so I’ll quote it here:

    “No cookies appear to be shared, no query strings that give away any information. Congratulations, you’ve actually given away less information to Apple than you would when directly visiting the Apple webpage.”

    Adam, you made a good point that Apple shouldn’t do these things without disclosing exactly what is happening. As we’ve seen over the past few days, adding this feature has created lots of negative press, much of it unwarranted and apparently misinformed. A simple technical explanation would go a long way to alleviating people’s fears.

    (And in relation to the lawnmower man: why would you walk around outside in a thunderstorm, pushing a lump of metal across the ground?)

  9. Buzzert | Jul 11 2006 - 10:48

    Share that video of the Apple torture test! Sounds really cool.

  10. Ronnie | Jul 12 2006 - 02:37

    Oh, yer that would be really cool. Please share that Apple tourture test video…


  11. maccast | Jul 12 2006 - 03:08

    I think I saw those videos on TechTV several years ago when it was a good channel. It may have even been a segment on the ScreenSavers. I tried Googling and wasn’t able to find anything. I just remember them melting the casing of an Apple 17″ B&W Cinema display in an oven at 140 degrees and then showing that it still worked. Cool.