Mac Expo: RouteBuddy – GPS Software for Mac

Written by: Adam Christianson

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RouteBuddy, a first siting for myself, is a GPS solution for the Apple Mac. Gone are the days relying on Route 66 (which has not seen an update for many years). Routebuddy delivers one standalone app which intergrates with Garmin GPS devices (more device support to follow). Once purchased, all updates are free, with new maps available at an additional cost. Geocaching is built right into the software, with topographical data being added at a later date.

Head on over to for the full lowdown.
Price: $99.50

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  1. Rogier Willems | Oct 31 2006 - 02:02

    Sweet :-)

    Ideal program for those who integrate a Mac Mini in their car ;-)

  2. Diana | Nov 12 2006 - 01:50

    This is very cool. I’ve been looking for something to supplement my Garmin iQue 3600. I doubt the iQue will work with this, but I wouldn’t mind picking up a cheaper model and using it with this. I’m usually the navigator on our trips anyways.

    Anyone tried out their maps yet?

  3. Mohamed | Dec 08 2006 - 03:14

    Do you know where i could get my GPS service by cell phones?
    my friends download GPS software to cell phones, and their phone become the navigation system. so cool! but, how i can get
    one too?!