Naughty list? Guess what’s in your stocking?

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Random Thoughts

Santa’s got a whole new kinda coal this year and it’s brown.

This popped up on YouTube and I just had to share. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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  1. Christopher Bowers | Dec 03 2006 - 05:21

    That was priceless.

  2. Louise Kuhlmann | Dec 03 2006 - 09:39

    That was the BEST Windows slam I’ve seen in a LONG time! Way to go Apple!!! Macs RULE

  3. Jim Gardner | Dec 03 2006 - 11:43

    As Alex Albrecht might say, “THAT WAS FRIKKEN ORSUM!!!”

  4. Jamie Davis | Dec 04 2006 - 07:14

    This is great! I was shopping today at a big box retailer near me. The mp3 player display looked pretty rough. The ipods had finger prints on them, they were askew in their mounts — clearly they had been handled quite a bit.

    Then there was a zune, pristine, shiny, no finger prints. It was — dare I say it? Lonely.

  5. Scott Sigler | Dec 05 2006 - 07:19

    Fantastic. I honestly didn’t get the “brown” reference, I thought this had something to do with the kid pooping himself until I saw the ZUNE reference.

  6. ralph | Dec 05 2006 - 08:56


  7. Craig | Dec 06 2006 - 03:50

    Loved it!

  8. José | Dec 08 2006 - 07:25

    Someone knows the name of the song in this clip? please let me know. Apple rule!