Two is good, three is better. New Mac solutions from Matrox.

Written by: Adam Christianson

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matrox-1.jpegFor the longest time, I have wanted to hook up 2 displays to my Mac Laptop. Thanks to Matrox and their New DualHead2Go and Triplehead2Go, my dream can come true. The DualHead2Go and the Triplehead2Go are both palm sized boxes that hook up to your MacBook or your MacBook Pro’s DVI output and from there you can output to 2 displays. Caroline Injoyan, business development manager for Matrox Graphics Inc. said “Now Mac users can finally benefit from Matrox’s multi-monitor expertise, traditionally reserved for PC environments, by simply incorporating a GXM into their system setup.” The TripleHead2Go makes it so that your laptop has 3 screens (including the one on the laptop), and the DualHead2Go makes it so that your laptop can output to 2 displays (both external). They support resolutions of up to 3849×10241 and 2560×10241 respectively. The DualHead2Go costs $169 (USD) and the TripleHead2Go costs $299 (USD) from Sorry iBook and PowerBook owners, but both the DualHead2Go and the TripleHead2Go are for Intel Macs only.

1 Note that the maximum resolution that is supported is system dependent. Please see website for details.

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  1. jrsh92 | Dec 04 2006 - 04:12

    Cool. What I want to know is if the Mac Pro can now run 16 displays. That would be insane!

  2. adam | Dec 15 2006 - 02:29

    Nice idea in theory. But what I would be concerned with from any real production standpoint is how it shares the GPU and VRAM. I am lookiing at the MacPro and am torn between sharing the 256MB ATI card between 2 displays, or using either the ATI or the 128MB 7300 as the primary display driver, and adding a second 7300 for the second monitor. Doing 3D and AfterEffects work needs good, fast displays, and I want the best solution for the buck. Cant find any specs or benchmarks on GPU cards so I would be interested to hear what other folks have found.