Mac Elves Build Software Toys for Charity

Written by: Adam Christianson

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ShapeShifer developer Jason Harris has brought together a team of Mac Cocoa programmers for a 3-day event of extreme coding with gifts for the Mac community and for charity. The web site Cocoa Dual has all the details, but in essence the participating developers, including Disco’s Austin Sarner, iClip’s John Casasanta, and VoodooPad’s Gus Mueller, had 3 days to create a holiday themed Mac application. The apps are all available for free download via links on the Cocoa Dual site. In addition, for those truly geeky Mac geeks out there, all the source code for the apps can be downloaded as well. After you download and checkout the apps, you “vote” for your favorite app by making a donation to a charity chosen by the applications developer. The Cocoa Dual web site will then keep track of which app (and charity) garners the most donations and that app will be declared the winner of the “duel”. The competition will run until Dec. 26 at midnight MST when all donations will be tallied. It’s a great idea. We all get seasonal apps from some of our favorite Mac developers and some money is raised for several deserving charities. Now, what about the developers themselves? Well, in addition to the warm feeling of doing a good deed, the developer who’s charity has received the most donations will get a small gift from the other developers in the group. So go grab a couple stocking stuffers for your hard drive and spread some holiday cheer with a donation or two. Heck, there is no rule that says you can’t make more than one donation so why not donate to them all? Happy Holidays.

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