MacCast 2007.01.05

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 172. A very merry Christmas for Apple. Month of patches for ‘Month of Apple Bugs’. Steve Jobs did (or didn’t) know about backdating. Apple and others sued over digital distribution technology. Correction, say Bond-eye, not Bond-ee. Macworld predictions and thoughts: iPhone (iPod Mobile), iTV, Updated Mac Pro, OS X Leopard, iLife ’07, iWork ’07, Updated displays, Core 2 Duo Mac mini, New AirPort – 802.11n, Xserve Quad core? Other new hardware? True Video iPod. Ultra-portable Mac notebook. Meet and Mingle at Macworld. Podcaster Meetup at Apple Store and Mac Mingle Party, co-hosted with Deb Shadovitz of Mac and sponsored by: by RadTech, Teach Mac, iProng, Now Software, DealMac, MacSpeech,, TypeIt4Me, Circus Ponies, and Macworld. Two feeds, one Maccast. Audio feedback and comments. See you at Macworld!

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  1. Alex Santos | Jan 05 2007 - 05:14

    Does anyone know where to find the 10-K report on the web, looking for 2006 of course.

    Back dating is a grey area the markets have to close up. I think it’s bad practice – as we can see…

  2. Alex Santos | Jan 05 2007 - 05:47

    HD would be nice but I believe HD content would be for next rev but maybe your on the money Adam, it would be nice on a rev 1 for sure.

    I have a question re iTV and streaming wirelessly – what is the likelihood of wireless extreme N or wireless N. Has it been ratified? I know that there are pre N routers out there, but they are PRE-N devices.

    Then there is the question of macs that apparently have chip-sets with PRE-N, well is it a PRE-N in the newest macs? Boy, I hope Apple opens those chip-sets up via firmware or something.

    Dude, iTV is gonna be a killer product. I, as you Adam, am REALLY looking forward to it but this may mean ramping up my router to a PRE-N router for now.

    BTW can you clarify what PRE-N is, what Extreme N is blah blah, it would be cool to know, especially if iTV surfaces at MW – whoa, this is gonna be the best MW ever.

  3. Alex Santos | Jan 05 2007 - 06:05

    Adam et all, I truly apologize for all the comments I left up to now so I’ll be brief. I absolutely love the user comments, wow are they ever great. Keep them coming, just great to hear other Mac users and their experiences.

  4. Sean | Jan 05 2007 - 07:03

    Hey Adamn, I was just writing about the last audio comment you played about the guy who seemed very pleased with the AppleCare. Well something he said and I don’t quiet agree with. Apple is not the only company that has great support. I own a Mac and a Dell so I am not trying to bash Apple just being fair. Few months back I had problem with my monitor and which was actually my fault and I had accidental warranty which is about the same price as AppleCare and guess what they send me a new monitor with a return label so I could send them back the old monitor in the same box. Now does apple have accidental warranty? I don’t think so. Trying having little kids in your house and have them spill soda on your monitor which happened to me. Now see if Apple replaces your monitor if that happens, I don’t think it’s gonna happen in this age. One more thing Dell has home support they will come to your house and fix your computer just for your information.

  5. Dylan | Jan 05 2007 - 09:07

    Regarding Macworld hardware update rumors: how about a revved Mac mini with Core 2 Duo?

  6. Rene | Jan 06 2007 - 02:20

    I liked the “stand-alone” audio comments at the end, just as much as I liked the music at the end in your other shows. So perhaps you can do both (music in some shows, audio comments in others)?

    Great show, anyway. Thanks!

  7. Dylan | Jan 06 2007 - 10:05

    Sorry, guess I should comment *after* listening to the show (I just glanced through the shownotes)! Also, I enjoyed the comments as an alternative to the new music.

  8. Josh | Jan 06 2007 - 11:47

    I have to agree with what Sean said. Apple isn’t the only company with good service. I actually find it better to have accidental warranty with 3 years regular warranty which Apple doesn’t have. Accidents happen and I don’t think Apple will replace the machine or any of their product if you damage it. Dell has pretty good service. But anyway Apple comes out with some great product no doubt about it. Hopefully someday they’ll improve their warranty just like how they keep improving their products. :)

  9. dbtodd | Jan 07 2007 - 06:03

    I agree with the need for better tagging in iPhoto.  I have used a plugin called Keyword Assistant that works well.  (Sourceforge link)

  10. scruffy | Jan 07 2007 - 03:30

    for someone who once vowed not to get sucked into the rumour stories you sure spent a lot of time speculating on them. resistance is futile! i hope this is not another hi-fi boombox/ipod leather case show…heh…

    at least there will be the itv, which would have to have some kind of dvr functionality for me to get excited about–but i’m pretty sure it won’t.

  11. Bruce | Jan 08 2007 - 03:24

    It was a good show. A bit too heavy on the Mac World rumors, but at least it’s the last show before MacWorld so it’s a bit justified. I really enjoyed the user comments at the end of the show. Actually, I think it was my favorite part of the show. I much prefer them to teh music. I know many listeners enjoy the music, so maybe you could mix it up a bit and sometimes have comments and others have music.

    Thanks for all the hard work Adam!

  12. Andy | Jan 08 2007 - 11:31

    Sean mentioned Dell being as good as Apple, if not better in one case. I worked as a techie for some years and had over 100 Dell PCs delivered at one point. One went wrong. It was obvious that it was the onboard motherboard, but Dell forced me to go through the problem one step at a time which included complete reformat of the heard drive, re-istall of the OS and drivers. When I did that I was told that I had installed them in the wrong order and had to start over. I couldn’t do this all in one go so did bits of it with Dell’s handholding over a 6 week period. At the end it still wasn’t working. They sent a techie with a new motherboard – it worked. A month later the same problem happened. I swapped a drive out of an identical Dell to prove the problem and then went out and bought a USB network dongle.

    When my mac powerbook went wrong I rang the tech support and explained the problem. I had to do a re-install after PRAM zapping etc. The techie satyed on the phone whilst I did it. It still didn’t work. He sent a box. Ten days later my Powerbook was back fixed. It would have been quicker but I live on a remote island.

    Why am I not commenting on the Podcast? I just can’t get it downloaded – 3 attempts now and it just cuts out – grrrr – I need my fix!