Maccast Macworld Update: Slight delay.

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Well, they say the best laid plans… I ran into a bit of trouble today with getting my Apple keynote summary out on the podcast feed. Most of this comes down to some mistakes on my part with setting recording levels. Another factor is the extreme slowness of my G4 iBook in encoding the audio. I just finished editing now at 5:30 PM PST and I need to bet at some events, meetings and parties starting at 6:00. The good news is, the show IS still coming. Hang in there and I will try to get it in your feeds before the morning. Until then here are my thoughts:

1) WOW
2) I can’t believe there is nothing for me to buy at the Apple Store.
3) Wish I could have seen SOME of Leopard.
4) Where is the Octo Mac?
5) Pre-ordering my AppleTV tonight. Yes!!!!
6) iPhone is amazing. The UI is truly revolutionary and it seems to be everything you would expect from Apple in a phone. I think it costs a bit too much, especially when you add on the 2-year service contract.

More to come, stay tuned.

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  1. Goose | Jan 09 2007 - 07:50

    While the iPhone is impressive, the apple tv is neat but no tivo type feature left me not that impressed. No “…and one more thing” which was suprising. Overall I was very uninspired by this keynote. No Leopard, no updates, not much of anything. The name change is interesting but when can we expect more?
    I am suprised the iPhone is announced 6 months out, why is that – to prevent leaks?
    oh well, look forward to the podcast as always.

  2. maccastjoe | Jan 09 2007 - 07:06


    I agree with you, I am 1 hour 20 minutes into the talk and so far I am not impressed the cingular network is spotty at best in most of New York, at least where I travel and work. So I am going to keep my old verizion phone its 5 years old and works, where I need it to work. I was hopping to update to an Apple phone but its not going to happen.

    I TV is cool put I can do a lot of the same functions through my Tivo. I don’t want to buy movies I want to rent them. So maybe in a couple of years.

    Well I am going to listen to the rest of the talk and hope to be wowed but I don’t think its going to happen. I am glad I have owned apple stock since 2001 thats a plus Ha HA


  3. BruceG | Jan 09 2007 - 08:00

    Joe, I agree with you on these points.
    The iPhone is a very impressive bit of mobile equipment, but I also use Verizon. It just works, and because I commute to and from my job in Washington, D.C. via its subway metro system, Verizon works just fine underground.

    Tho’ I can understand why Steve decided to go with the GMS(?) system popular in Europe and elsewheres, as opposed to the CDMA system Verizon uses in its phones. But, heck, he could have marketed both types like Motorola does with its RazR phone.

    And yes, where is Leopard’s release date, and for that matter iLife07/iWork07?

    And, hey, what about the people, myself included, who don’t want to buy an iPhone right now, but would like a revamped video iPod with the same touch controls and wide screen capabilities now on the iPhone?

    But, I bet there will be more on this and other products before the spring is over.

    So, “And one more thing…” will probably come soon.

  4. maccastjoe | Jan 09 2007 - 08:04

    Well Lets see now I should have waited a few minutes with the AT&T network things might be better.

    Apple Computer is no more Now they are incorporated as Apple are they going to go away from the computer? He talks about the market share of the phones.


  5. maccastjoe | Jan 09 2007 - 08:46

    I am going to guess that a full screen I-pod will come out at an announcement in a month or or so. Like the showtime announcement last year.

  6. maccastjoe | Jan 09 2007 - 08:05

    TIVO to go comes to the mac today, thats a yeah in my book, but I will need to get Roxio’s Toast 8 Titanium and its all available today.


  7. Fahad | Jan 09 2007 - 08:23

    I just have something short to say.

    Very Very Very disappointed. Worst keynote I have seen so far. iPhone All cool and all but what about Leopard or iSight which now I can’t get anymore and most likely settle for a third party cam. What about little updates on the computer side Steve?

  8. Bruce | Jan 09 2007 - 10:13

    I think Steve forgot it’s called MACworld. iPhone is awesome and AppleTV has promise, but there were no Mac developments at all. None. VERY disappointing.

  9. Maccastjoe | Jan 09 2007 - 10:09

    Well its almost midnight and the Apple store is down and it says they are updating it. Maybe the Beatles Ipod?? Maybe they were just kidding about cingular (wishful thinking)

    Maybe some new MAC stuff

  10. scottmc | Jan 09 2007 - 10:43

    No no … for me the only disappointment with the phone is in one word: Cingular. All the innovation in this incredible phone…and they tie it to an exclusive contract with this one carrier. For me it’s a dealbreaker…and many others will have contracts to deal with (or else will, like me, have already BEEN a cingular customer and are done with them).

    It is disappointing not seeing Mac prods onstage, but they’ll come, and soon we all hope.

    One other happy announcement today, by the way: The Missing Sync for BlackBerry was announced today for Q107! This will make those of us with ‘berry’s much happier Mac users. Until the iphone rules, this should be real help.

  11. Mark C | Jan 09 2007 - 11:41

    I had my money saved to buy, Leopard, iLife07, a video ipod or an AppleTV that I can use on my TV (I only have s-video input). Guess I won’t get any Apple gadgets this time. bummer… least we know Leopard will be out some time this year.

  12. atomizer | Jan 10 2007 - 12:05

    Ok…. Well I loved the keynote! :D

    The iPhone is just a glimpse of what is to come in the world of computers/gagets/technology. This thing runs OS X. It runs applications, it browses the web, it does mail, photos, music… essentially it IS a computer! This is the MacTablet/iPod Video/Phone that we have been asking for. Apple has not been slacking on us, and while it’s no fun to have to wait for it to come out… well good things happen to those who wait ;) So to all of you who wanted to see some mac products, well here is the new Mac in the form of a phone!

    Since iLife07/iWork07 haven’t been shown off yet, there has to be some special announcements that will come out sometime down the road, maybe in a month or so, and I bet they’ll show off a bit more of leopard.

  13. Chuck A. Spear | Jan 10 2007 - 12:01

    I am surprised that people are disappointed.

    All anyone has been talking about is iphone/video ipod and its here…almost.

    Obviously there will be a standalone video ipod soon, leopard and iwork07.

    I am glad Steve did not announce everything. I am still trying to catch up on the whole intel thing.

    I think consumers are getting greedy to their own detriment. As soon as one thing comes out, they want the next version straight away.

    Just leave things as they are for a while and appreciate what our hard earned dollars have paid for before wanting to update.

  14. JeffW | Jan 10 2007 - 01:11

    I just want to address some things that BruceG said. GSM is used in over 130 countries (200 million customers), CDMA a handful (35 million). that may be why Steve went GSM. Build one technology, and more than just Americans can take advantage of it. That makes sense…very cool phone indeed.

  15. Colin Docherty (Scotland) | Jan 10 2007 - 02:30

    The iPhone looks great, and Apple TV looks great too. It was an amazing keynote.

    But, boy I am so dissapointed after the hype. I’ve just given away my Apple Mac (Digitial Audio) G4 to my sister in law thinking that I’d be buying a new shiny Mac Mini Core 2 Duo today. I’m now down in the dumps, NO MAC ! Just have to cope with my PC running Windows and Ubuntu linux for a while. I’ve gone backwards……..


  16. macDude88 | Jan 10 2007 - 02:48

    the phone is interesting and all but for most people (consumers, not geeks), I believe, even though it can do a lot of awesome things, won’t buy it at the $500 price tag. heck, motorola with it’s razr back in the day was already pushing it at $300.

    at first I was afraid that the “widescreen ipod” iPhone would end up replacing the iPod (from the way steve was talking), but then I saw the sizing, price, and exclusivity which gave me some relief.

    as for the missing links (ilife iwork etc), I’m thinking there’s going to be a special event down the road….now that there’s a ‘widesceen ipod function’ on the iPhone, there has to be a real widescreen iPod with virtual flickwheel coming soon…4 or 8 GBs doesn’t do portable video justice.

  17. Rene | Jan 10 2007 - 03:48

    I guess if one forgets what the rumors where, and watches the keynote with fresh eyes, this was a groundbreaking keynote address. Apple is going for embedded systems, which will be the future of consumer electronics. We will see more and more portable devices doing what computers do nowadays.

    Many consumers actually don’t need a computer for what they are doing. Of course, desktop and notebook computers will always be needed to create contents, but for the most part you will be e-mailing, browsing, watching media, etc. And Apple going into that market is an exciting thing.

  18. haydn | Jan 10 2007 - 04:44

    I was a bit disappointed that the keynote only covered two products. However iPhone seems to be truly revolutionary and is the only phone which has ever really impressed me (and I work in the telecomms industry so I’m hard to please).

    I was watching and wondering about the bigger picture and ties ins with Leopard – seamless ichat / iphone integration across public network etc. Could be very interesting times over the next couple of years.

    From a UK perspective it’s obviously disappointing that we won’t see the product until the end of the year. However we’re all 3G here and I hope (and suspect) that by the time it’s released here it’ll be 3G 2.5G really isn’t appropriate and will be seen negatively here.

    Re: Mac, Leopard, iSights etc. Yes I agree that it’s a shame they weren’t covered. However iPhone is a very big story and has grabbed the headlines – anything else would have been lost. My guess is Apple will be setting their sites on Spoiling Microsoft’s Vista launch at the end of the month with a release of further announcements.

  19. Todd Howard | Jan 10 2007 - 04:31

    Hey Adam, and MacCast readers/listeners–

    Loooong time listener first time poster…

    I too was left a little “fair to midlands” as my stepmom always said… Not because the iPhone didnt’ blow me away… and Puh-leeez it SO blew me away… and the Apple TV and all (which I already have a completely clear use for in my home) but I was really looking for some news on the GarageBand front and iLife ’07(?), and also the real hoped-for nugget – leopard… I was convinced before the show that not only was Steve going to announce a sooner-than-thought release of 10.5, but that we’d have a copy taped underneath our seats (yes, I checked… alas) Ok, I admit, that was mass quantities of wishful thinking… but still did he say the word “Leopard” this morning AT ALL?! Once?? not that I recall… anyway, I think these two new devices are absolutely stellar gen 1 devices on at least a dozen fronts, and I will be saving pennies for an iPhone EVEN THOUGH cingular service sucks in my neck of Massachusetts…

    I love your show, I can’t stress that enough in my first comment on your site (it is late and being at Macworld with Zoom In Online [im blogging for them from the con this week] I was just out all evening with a lot of really fine folks enjoying a great meal and all that… so I ramble on and on… but truly, keep up the good work. I plan to come to your event this week, and look forward to meeting you if I get the chance.

    Perhaps your readers will enjoy the “post keynote wrap up” that I took part in with Andy Beach, Peter Kirn, Matt Cohen and Jem Schofield right after the keynote. A lot of really insightful commentary there from some really great folks who I have had the pleasure of getting to know here in San Francisco this week.

    a loyal listener,
    Todd Howard
    MacWorld Keynote Roundtable
    Immediately after the 2007 keynote at Macworld Expo, Andy Beach, Peter Kirn, Matt Cohen, Todd Howard, & Jem Schofield sat down to discuss the new iPhone & Apple TV announcements.

  20. Janne | Jan 10 2007 - 06:16

    Few things:

    Yes, iPhone and AppleTV was released at MACWorld. So what? When should it be released then? WWDC is out, since that’s for developers. And MacWorld is about the Mac. You couldn’t releasen iSight either, since it’s not directly about Mac, nor is it about developers.

    You are complaining about released product and it’s relation to the name of the conference. Uh, OK.

    I’m VERY exited about the iPhone. Not as much about the phone itself (it IS very cool), but about what it means. First of all, it means that Apple is expanding. And that’s a Good Thing. Second, it will be a wake-up call to mobile-phone manufacturers, fostering new innovation and progress in the field. And that too is a Good Thing.

    But right now I’m exited about the iPod. Take a look at the iPhone. what you are seeing is the future of iPod. I bet that 6G iPod will be very similar to the iPhone. Remove the phone, camera and Wifi. Keep the UI, design and OS. Replace flash with HD. Keep the Bluetooth for Bluetooth-headphones and other uses. Sell the two models (40GB & 80GB? for $299 and $399 (50 bucks more than current model), and you are all set. That would be a product that is head and shoulders above the competition. Nothing would come close to it. Nothing.

    2-3 months at most. Then we will get 6G iPod, and it will be closely related to the iPhone. R&D is done, they are just waiting a bit longer so they will not piss those people off who bought 5.5G iPod for christmas.

    My iPod Mini is getting a bit old. When Apple releases iPhone-derived iPod, I WILL buy it. And so will millions of people. Zune? What’s that?

  21. JasonMc | Jan 10 2007 - 07:00

    No no … for me the only disappointment with the phone is in one word: Cingular.

    scottmc-I’ll second that. I get the browseable voicemail issue, but I hope that Apple expands beyond Cingular. This is a deal-breaker for me, since I’m on Verizon, as are many of my associates (whom I can make mobile-to-mobile calls with) and Verizon has superior coverage. What good is the phone if you don’t have a signal?

  22. steve | Jan 10 2007 - 09:12

    Overall I was excited with the keynote. I was a little dissapointed about no discussion about ilife 07, as I’m really looking forward to a new version of iweb.

    The iphone is nice, but I am locked into a contract with sprint for another year, so I won’t even consider getting one until after then. I have had a bad experience with cingular in the past, and thats why I currently have sprint. The pricing of the phone is a bit to steep for me as well, but I understand why it does cost what it does.

    I will be buying an itv, to go with my beautfiul panasonic plasma…definitely looking forward to that.

    Thanks for the great podcast adam,

  23. andy beach | Jan 10 2007 - 10:00

    …This is a deal-breaker for me, since I’m on Verizon, as are many of my associates (whom I can make mobile-to-mobile calls with) and Verizon has superior coverage.

    Jason –

    Steve stated in the Keynote that they would be supporting GSM technology, not CDMA, so at most in the US, this will get released to T-Mobile eventually as well (I think I remember him saying its a 2yr exclusive with Cingular).

    That said, I have Cingular and have no coverag problems whatsoever – don’t know when you last tried them, but signal isnt an issue for me at all.

  24. Harry | Jan 10 2007 - 01:33

    I was thorougly amazed by the iPhone. I guess it is a must-buy for me if I can afford it :)
    For the lack of any Mac news… There may be a good reason for this: What if Apple is revamping the finder on Mac OS X Leopard to be touch screen based, similar to the iPhone. They could not show this feature of Leopard without introducing touch screen mac’s also. So, this may be a whole new presentation, a killer new finder and new mac’s to support these new features. Just a thought.

  25. Janne | Jan 11 2007 - 03:01

    “What if Apple is revamping the finder on Mac OS X Leopard to be touch screen based, similar to the iPhone.”

    Um, no. Just because touchscreens work on PDA’s and smartphones, does not mean that they work well with computers. I’m typing this on an external screen that is attached to a laptop. If I had to operate the machine by poking my finger at the screen, I would go insane in about two hours.

  26. Kevin | Jan 12 2007 - 10:36

    “My G4 macbook sucks”, then “Nothing to buy at the store”? :) G4!

    Anyways, thx for visiting Allpoetry. Nice site :)

    Dunno if I’m the only one, but I love cingular. it’s the only carrier I’ve used that’s worked reliably in Seattle, Pittsburgh, and the bay area. It even works in the basement of my wife’s building (which no-other carrier does). I’ve used t-mobile and sprint before, both of which sucked, and had friends on verizon, which sucked as well. It’s all about their service where you’re going to be I guess. Cingular *is* the biggest carrier, so I bet it will go smoothly for apple’s world takeover…

  27. am_chatur | Jan 13 2007 - 08:25

    I was lil disappointed but overall happy @ the keynote. I understand people complaining about no news @ new OS or macbook or any thing else, but aren’t these things supposed to come out in Spring?
    This Key note was specially for the iPhone, even the apple TV was just a buffer. iPhone is a new dimension of apple and still its part of MacWorld, It has OS X, isn’t it?

    Good Things,
    Every thing set for 6G iPod
    All Phone companies must got a shock for not being innovating and keeping customers in back ages for so long. Now they do think to spent some money on good and young designers.

    Bad part,
    Its not a free to use mobile, it comes with a carrier and cost includes fees for that.

    I just wish it comes with CDMA technology, as GSM is not available in Japan, AND
    it will get carrier free.