Twas the night before MacWorld

Written by: Chris Christensen

Categories: Random Thoughts

Twas the night before MacWorld
And all through the hall
Not a vendor was stirring
No, not at all

The attendees lay snuggled
asleep in their beds
While visions of iPhones
danced in their heads

The iPhone is here!
It’s coming right quick
We’d been told this before
(A marketing trick)

The rumor sites spewed
complete information
Its color was puce
It had teleportation

It holds all your podcasts
All of them fit!
Like Amateur Traveler,
MacCast and TWiT

The screen is quit large
But small in its case
Through SETI it picks up
strange signals from space

The battery life
is well more than an hour
It keeps running for years
on nuclear power

And what of the iTV
promised last fall
will that debut
in this hallowed hall?

We saw that box
was sleek and quite skinny
Comfortably fitting
atop of my mini

The rumor sites claim
that it now has a drive
and streams from location
unedited, live!

It hold all my movies,
my songs and my shows
An plays them at random
as only Steve knows

Its picture are cleared
by well applied science
I hear that doubles
as a kitchen appliance

The rumors say iLife
is set to reprise
with a new holographic
ui a surprise

The video iPod
surely we’ll see
which unfolds to reveal
a flat screen TV

When all of a sudden
There arose such a din
My alarm clock is ringing
And I have slept in

I sprang from my bed
And jumped in the shower
The keynote of Steve Jobs
Begins in an hour

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  1. Guido….. | Jan 09 2007 - 02:31

    Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells.

    Well its going to be about 19:00 before I get any new here in Germany.

  2. g0rdo | Jan 09 2007 - 04:39

    5 hours 23 minutes left!!!

    I’ll be at school though,

  3. Luis | Jan 09 2007 - 05:41

    Hey friends,

    Where can I get a coverage of the stuff as they happen? I remember last year I was following the keynote thru a website that even refresh itself. Thanks.

  4. Shooby | Jan 09 2007 - 06:17

    I think is the site you’re thinking of Luis.

    I’ll be at school, but I’ll be up in San Francisco at 3pm. See you there if you’re going!

  5. yogi | Jan 09 2007 - 06:24

    That site was prolly .

  6. Peter | Jan 09 2007 - 06:45

    It’s currently 2350 in Sydney, keynote starts at 0400. Thank god for summer holidays, and the 4 cans of Red Bull to keep me awake for the next six hours. XD

    did anybody else notice on the latest email from Apple, there was the shuffle, nano, accessories, but no iPod 5G. Interesting….

  7. Wayne | Jan 09 2007 - 09:08

    Macrumorslive is the one I’ll be following… well I’ll probably be following a couple… I’ll be at work, but since I work in IT, it’s all work related ;)…

    Go Shooby!

  8. Peter | Jan 09 2007 - 09:49

    Apple Store is down as of 08.25am

  9. Co | Jan 09 2007 - 11:25

    I stayed home sick from school just so I can see it…

  10. Peter | Jan 09 2007 - 11:08

    we have an iphone

  11. Luis | Jan 09 2007 - 12:25

    It was more an iPod World than a Macworld. But man that iPod + iPhone rocks. I’m getting one this summer for sure.

  12. Pascal | Jan 09 2007 - 01:18

    What a incredible smart phone !
    I want one and it’s going to be a long wait …

  13. Cris | Jan 09 2007 - 01:18



    You mean that’s IT???

    You have GOT to be kidding me. Some new movies, a phone/pod we already knew about, and the AppleTV that was already announced???

    I am dee-pressed. What a letdown.

    Phone looks cool, though. If I didn’t already have a government-issued blackberry and a video iPod I might even be interested, though probably not since Cingular is not great in my area.

    Ah, well. Maybe next year.

  14. Cris | Jan 09 2007 - 02:05

    OK, sorry for the rant. The iPhone does look neat, as I’ve decided after looking at the deoms on the website. I’m just a bit disappointed because it’s a product I can’t really use, and I was hoping there would be some announcements on products I DO use. Adam mentioned these in the “rumors” podcast, but what comes to mind is iWork, iChat, and Leopard. Also, there was, as far as I can tell, no “one more thing…”

    He did close with “we’ll see you soon…”



  15. mike | Jan 09 2007 - 02:47

    you want an apple phone?
    Oh ya !
    heres hopping Canada get them!


  16. Alex Santos | Jan 09 2007 - 03:46

    INCREDIBLE! The revolution is here!

    Totally orgasmic!

  17. lars from Denmark | Jan 09 2007 - 03:51

    I dont get it, what about new cinama displays, or what about the computers , i am not sure what is the apært from the iphone; i dont really understand how woks. maybe I have to wait till I see the wencast from there or something.

  18. Ant | Jan 09 2007 - 03:56

    No new Macs? I’ve been holding off buying a new computer for weeks because of Macworld. Very disappointed. The new iPhone did exceed my expectations for phone/ipod though, even though it’s on cingular and we dont have them in the UK :/ Eyes peeled for the next apple press conference I guess…

  19. Alex Santos | Jan 09 2007 - 04:54

    alas, Apple still has some skeletons in their closet, something as a diehard mac fan I feel particularly ashamed of.

  20. bob6stringer | Jan 09 2007 - 04:18

    THIS is what we need Steve for, not demos of a new spreadsheet, iLife ’07 upgrades and other details we can get from online vids!

    I dreaded the day the click-wheel disappeared on a full-screen iPod but this just blows my mind. And you can’t expect a “one more thing” announcement for such a rich and complex new invention as the iPhone. I believe the iPhone is as significant as 1984 and the iPod and worthy of Apple’s corporate name-paring.

    The Fox News cable pundits dumbly reported that the iPhone is minor news because we already have MP3-playing phones. They have no idea how big this is.

    The UI design and those little innovations like the proximity sensor and auto-rotate feature show pure Apple polish.

    The Cingular exclusive will probably make it mimpossible for me to own one of these. I PRAY (!) for a workaround by June. I’m in sales and in need of this.

    Without mechanical buttons, will there be voice commands to dial while driving?

    And: NOW I wonder if those patents for mechanical-device overlays has something to do with the iPhone. Adam, hope you comment on THAT in a future MacCast!

  21. Ian | Jan 09 2007 - 04:43

    I’m sorry but I’ve got to say, WTH was Apple thinking choosing Cingular as an exclusive carrier for the iPhone.
    Cingular, there’s a carrier whose customer service is total opposite to Apple’s.
    And $599 (or was it $499).
    Hopefully the price will come down because I like the device but I hate Cingular (or AT&T, Your World, Delivered, to the NSA….sorry, couldn’t help get that one out). Hopefully somebody will be able to hack the unit (or Apple will learn not to put all their iPhone eggs into one carrier). I hope they’ll eventually do deal with Verizon or similar.
    The Apple TV I will eventually get though. That’s a pretty cool device that has no strings attached to some other company.

  22. Unixrocks | Jan 09 2007 - 05:25

    Ian – you dont get it man.

    $599 is a decent price for what this thing is.

    This isnt just a ipod phone.

    This is a ipod phone pda tablet that fits in your pocket – the thing even syncs with .mac and its the first device to really leverage multi touch – and the trackpads dont count on the macbooks as far as Im concerned.

    Lucky for me I have a cingular tower about a mile away – but even if I didnt I would probly still buy this for all the other things it can do over wifi.

    I am sure the only reason they did a deal with cingular is because cingular is the only teleco they can work with.

    I work in the industry and anyone that does will tell you these telcos are the biggest bunch of losers that ever walked the earth – talk about old boy networks! They are as bad as the American car companies – they just arent quite as powerful. And talk about stupid – none of the telcos have a ounce of common sense let alone vision.

    Apple made a smart move I think – they arent relying on the telcos because right now there is a major war between the telcos and the tech companies.

    They found one they could work with – signed a deal with them – but I bet you anything they are planning ultimately on going primarily voip with these phones – then you only have to use the carriers data networks minimally – at home or at your friends house your going to be on the wifi.

    That my initial take on it anyways.

  23. Cris | Jan 09 2007 - 07:15

    OK, I withdraw my rant completely. I REALLY wish I were (or could be) in the market for a new phone because this one looks like a beauty. The interface looks magnificent.

    As to the AppleTV, does anyone know if it will let you play DVD’s or DVD folders? You know, stuff that WASN’T bought on iTunes?

  24. Ian | Jan 09 2007 - 08:28

    I never said $599 was a bad price for what it is (and yes, I do get it), but it’s just currently out of most peoples reach (hence the comment “Hopefully the price will come down” which it probably will).
    I just hate Cingular and hopefully things will change.
    If I could do VoIP I may eventually get one, just not this year; Apple TV first.