Maccast 2007.01.31

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 174. The British invasion of “Get a Mac”. iTunes movies coming to EU, well… iPod Shuffle is now more colorful. Apple 802.11n Enabler now available. Apple pays bloggers legal fees and then some. Creative reports big profits, thanks Apple. New Intel tech to boost Mac performance later this year. Vista EULA may be trouble for Mac owners using Parallels.Tip: Better control of Exposé hot corners. Backup your iTunes purchases, please. iTunes phone support number revealed. Making and recording phone calls with your Mac. iTunes using another language, how to fix it.

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New music, Come on Let’s Go by Sound of a Revolution.

College is like high school with ashtrays.She’s Having a Baby (1988)

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  1. Ken C – The Mac Update | Feb 01 2007 - 10:48

    A great show as always Adam!

    I have had an issue with a video I paid for in iTunes (finally I got a video iPod!) and it would continually download the file and would go to processing the file then start downloading again. I did not like the fact I had to email cause you always have to explain yourself 3 or 4 times. Though my issue has been resolved (they found it was a problem with the file itself and asked me to wait 3 weeks before trying again) Nice to know I can call them now!

  2. Joshua | Feb 01 2007 - 12:05

    Vista EULA: I suppose Intel Mac users could always run Boot Camp. But I can’t help but wonder why MS would limit their own software sales like that.

    Exposé: Seems that it would be easier just to use the default F-keys rather than a key+screen corner move.

  3. Ian | Feb 01 2007 - 07:37

    On the Vista front; MS are shooting themselves in the foot on this one. I wonder if this is to appease PC vendors who are loosing some market share to Apple?

    Expose and hot corners; I tried this but found it annoying if I accidentally moved the pointer there so I ended disabling the feature. It’s handy if you don’t have that habit and have trouble remembering the f-keys for it.
    As always, nice cast Adam.

  4. Scott | Feb 02 2007 - 07:40

    Possible telephone recording solution: You can get an item used for telephone recording to a cassette recorder at Radio Shack for a few bucks. It’s an RJ11 to mini rca jack adapter.
    There are others like this out on security device sites that are likely cheaper.


  5. Mr. T | Feb 03 2007 - 09:29

    Hi Adam, love the work you do.

    Regarding the iTunes in Luxembourg topic, I would think that the EU Free Trade Agreement would operate like the Canada-US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement.

    As a Canadian, I cannot purchase iTunes movies or TV shows from the Canadian iTunes Store, and the billing information on my credit card will not allow me to purchase from the US iTunes Store.

    Having said that, I’m sure there’s a way around that.

    Mr. T

  6. Dickbremer | Feb 03 2007 - 02:33

    Love your podcast but I have been having difficulty recently getting some of the episodes to play on my Shuffle (2nd Gen) as some of the episodes don’t let me turn off the Skip when Shuffling box in the Options menu of Get Info. The Jan 31, 25, 19, 15th and Jan 5 episodes I can’t turn off the skip comand but for the 9th, 10th and Dec 29th I can. What is my problem?? Hate to have to stop listening but will have to if I can’t get it to play on my Shuffle (Apple has not done a good job of making it possible to listen to Podcasts on the
    Shuffle which is a real shame as that is what it is perfect for while working out or traveling).

  7. David | Feb 03 2007 - 03:31

    Hi Adam,
    Apparently Microsoft is forcing users to wed the Entertainment industy by using Vista to tightly control the PC users ability to view and hear video content. In fact it is probably a blessing for Mac Users to NOT run Parallels with VISTA on an Intel Mac–its DRM at its worse.

    Peter Gutmann of New Zealand says this in his technical post–

    “Windows Vista includes an extensive reworking of core OS elements in order to provide content protection for so-called “premium content”, typically HD data from Blu-Ray and HD-DVD sources. Providing this protection incurs considerable costs in terms of system performance, system stability, technical support overhead, and hardware and software cost. These issues affect not only users of Vista but the entire PC industry, since the effects of the protection measures extend to cover all hardware and software that will ever come into contact with Vista, even if it’s not used directly with Vista (for example hardware in a Macintosh computer or on a Linux server). This document analyses the cost involved in Vista’s content protection, and the collateral damage that this incurs throughout the computer industry.”

  8. maccast | Feb 03 2007 - 11:46

    That is VERY odd. I have not changed anything with regard to how I create the files, so I am not sure why recent episodes would behave any differently. Unless it is a bug introduced by a recent Apple update to iTunes. Have you contacted Apple about it?

  9. Steve M | Feb 05 2007 - 10:40


    A quick comment on the part of the show where you got some guy to plug the Zoom recording device….

    I was very interested in getting one of these until I heard the quality of the audio he recorded for the show ( I assume he used the Zoom for this). It was awful.

    Thanks for including this, you saved me $300!

  10. maccast | Feb 05 2007 - 11:46

    The Zoom H4 is a great recorder. Did you hear my Macworld coverage? All of that audio was recorded with the Zoom H4. I believe that guy left his comment on my voicemail.

  11. David | Feb 06 2007 - 02:42

    Have you seen the verbal rebuttal of Steve Jobs to the European stance on licensing Fairplay to others.

  12. maccastjoe | Apr 12 2007 - 05:19

    Below is a press release from Schwab, It looks like Leopard will be delayed until October of this year. Does that mean we won’t see new hardware until October or November. So much for that big banner in January pronouncing all the great things 2007 will bring.

    4:42 PM ET 04/12/07

    Apple iPhone on schedule, new operating system delayed

    SAN FRANCISCO, April 12 (Reuters) – Apple Inc.’s eagerly-anticipated iPhone is on schedule to ship in late June as planned after passing several of its required certification tests, the company said on Thursday.

    But the company said delivering the phone on time has delayed the release of the next update of the company’s operating system, called Leopard, until October.