More price drops from OWC

Written by: Adam Christianson

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OWC is on a roll. It wasn’t enough to drop the price of a 500 GB HD to a mere $139.99 they had to go on. This week they are doing huge price cuts on their Mercury On-The-Go external HDs. They are cutting the prices on the higher end ones (the ones with Firewire 800+400+USB2) that are over 80 gigs. The speed demon of the group is the 100GB 7200 RPM one which was about USD$250.00 and now is USD$219.99. The price cuts on the other drives are as follows*:

100GB 7200RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $249.99, now $219.99 ($30 Drop)
120GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $199.99, now $179.99 ($20 Drop)
160GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $269.99, now $229.99 ($40 Drop)
200GB 4200RPM w/ 8MB Buffer was $379.99, now $339.99 ($40 Drop)

These drives are very highly acclaimed with a Macworld 4 Star rating, MacSola and Photoshop User ratings of 5 stars, and a MacAddict Editor’s Choice award, along with accolades and awards from many other publications. They are very small, portable, and 100% bus powered.

Get full specs and details at
*all prices are in US dollars (USD)

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  1. jrsh92 | Jan 31 2007 - 04:47

    I want laptop hard drives on sale! PATA ones!