Disco Dances Out of Beta

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Disco App 1.0Austin Sarner’s killer she-she disc burning app Disco is now out of beta and available for public consumption (Maccast review). Disco 1.0 for Mac OS 10.4 brings many improvements and features over the Beta and includes fixes such as a redesigned disc naming system, a fully rewritten Discography database engine, improved Unicode support, and more. Disco offers a simplified alternative to many other disc burning apps out there, but doesn’t skimp on features. The innovative interface helps guide you through the burning process and allows you to do advanced things, like spanning. Spanning takes data that won’t fit on a single CD or DVD and intelligently spreads it across multiple discs. To keep track of all your discs and burns, Disco also has a feature called “Discography”. Discography is a built-in media cataloging solution making it simple to search through all your previously burned files to find out what disc they are on. Add to all this, cool, fun UI elements and eye candy (like smoke effects as you burn your discs) and you have a great burning package at an affordable price. Disco is now available at an introductory price of USD$14.95. They also offer some multi-license options, with a family pack for under USD$30 and a 10 pack for under USD$90. More information and details can be found on the Disco web site and on the Disco blog.

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  1. Julian | Feb 13 2007 - 06:55

    Hey now that smoke works for MacBooks, I have no reason not to buy, such a great product!