Ascent, New GPS Training App for OS X

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Assent LogoIf you’re a cyclist, runner, or hiker and own a Garmin Edge 305 or 205, or a Garmin Forerunner 305 or 205, then you may be interested in a new GPs training application from Montebello Software. Ascent will let you download and analyze GPS data using text based and graphical views. The program also offers an “Animation” feature that offers real-time playback of your activity. This feature offers a heads-up display, giving you the ability to review values like speed, gradient, heart rate, and cadence. In addition, Ascent includes GPS location, altitude, time in heart rate zones, activity type, equipment, effort, disposition, and weather data. The program can import .tcx and .hst files exported from the Garmin Training Center application and can also import and export files encoded in the standard GPS Exchange Format (.gpx). Assent sells for USD$35.00 and is available for download on the Montebello Software web site.

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