Maccast 2007.06.19

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 190. Safari for Windows. Popular, but risky? The “truth” revealed on Apple Gaming. Last minute iPhone details. New Apple iTunes Ad with Sir Paul McCartney. ZFS in Leopard? Well… kind of iMercedes, Apple GPS system? My thoughts on 3rd party iPhone apps using Web 2.0. Question and tips for recovering iPhoto Library. Some other cool iPhoto tricks. Dynamic Port Forwarding with Lighthouse. Printing to unsupported printers in OS X

New music, Forever For Now by Cat Jahnke

Woo! All right! We’re being invaded! — The Last Starfighter (1984)

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  1. TQ White II | Jun 20 2007 - 12:15

    Doubtless all the justifications suggested for Safari on Windows are true. Apple likes money, Windows developers, search revenue, etc. The most important reason has to be as a code projection platform.

    In the form of plug-ins, non-standard html extensions and other technologies, Apple and other developers will be able to develop iPhone and other software that is cross-platform and doesn’t rely on other’s technology. based on Safari, they will be able to easily distribute APIs. IT will be great.

    Look for an isync equivalent that reaches into your Outlook database and other Windows software that is run under Safari. After that, we take over the World!!

    iTunes is for media. Safari for code.

  2. Rene | Jun 21 2007 - 12:34

    “iTunes is for media. Safari for code.”

    And Mac OS X is up for grabs. Safari could well be the thing hackers needed to start targeting Mac OS X, because a hack that works on Safari for Windows, will possibly work on Mac OS X. Cross platform hacking, courtesy of Apple Inc. Hackers are annoyed by Apple’s statement of zero viruses on the Mac, but they lack the tools to prove Apple wrong. Now they just could have been delivered such a tool, which they can mod into a hacking tool.

  3. Greg | Jun 21 2007 - 05:20

    I’m wondering if Safari may end up being the sync program for the iPhone instead of iTunes. If Apple wants to go after the Blackberry market, I would guess most businesses would be a little apprehensive to have everyone install a media player that allows you to download music, movies, TV shows, get their ‘business’ device to sync.

  4. TQ White | Jun 21 2007 - 06:40

    Rene! Ain’t that the truth. It’s like making a cross platform development environment for viruses as much as anything else.

    I hope that Apple reads your comment and takes it to heart.

  5. Saley | Jun 22 2007 - 12:57

    Great musical selection – I take my iPod to bed – a way of dealing with insomnia. Fall asleep during podcasts – no reflection on Maccast – can happen with any podcast. This time I was woken up by Cat Jahnke – and what a great way to be woken up. Thanks Adam.

  6. David | Jun 22 2007 - 10:50

    There is a maxim for promoting a new product launch such as iPhone. Nothing is worse for a firm than good advertising for a bad product. i.e an iPhone crippled by security problems. A secure Safari is critical to the successful launch of iPhone.

    Apple HAD to test the metal of Safari before the iPhone launch so they issued a challenge to all, but especially to security experts by the release of a Beta version for free to Window users. I would guess that one thing the first iPhone customers will see on their screen is the latest auto-update for Safari.

    Denying a developers kit because of security concerns also allows Apple to maintain control of their platform and its apps. This first, critical-to-success generation of iPhone can not be blemished by bad software. Also, Apple wants to present its own software to PC users to encourage the migration of PC users to other Mac Platforms. When their WEB 2/Ajax strategy has been implemented by developers and the principle look and feel of Leopard has been established by Apple– iPhone is a Leopard like product– then Apple will open doors for developers to second gen iPhones, Mac tablets and sub-notebooks coming later this year and in 2008.

    To Chris and other RAW photo enthusiasts;

    The latest upgrade- OSX 10.4.10 includes an upgrade note that states that it includes a fix for issues related to RAW Photos–perhaps the cause of your crash.

  7. Janne | Jun 24 2007 - 11:39

    Actually, the Transgamings Cider-technology is not virtualization or anything like that. It has it’s roots deep in the [url=]WINE-Project[/url].

  8. Gerhard | Jun 24 2007 - 12:06

    Could anyone post teh link to the MacBreakTech show Adam mentions in this episode – because i can´t find it :-)