Maccast 2007.08.19

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 196. Next gen Intel Xeons on the way. Apple retires Appleworks, or have they? Jobs ups share count. iPhone Europe just weeks away? iPhone battery lawsuits, please. Lennon 3rd Beatle on iTunes iWeb 2.0.1 Update. Woz linked with Kathy Griffin. iLife ’08 font issues resolved. What are vintage and obsolete products? 802.11 lowest common denominator limitation. Capturing audio from difficult sources. Cleaning up your caches. 200th show coming, I’m giving the gifts.

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  1. Justin | Aug 19 2007 - 10:59

    Helvetica and iPhoto:

    I was listening to this podcast today and heard about the Helvetica Neue font issue with iPhoto. Turns out the font was still where it needed to be, but had been somehow uninstalled. Once I went to Library/Fonts/ and double clicked on the file, it said “not installed.” I hit the install button and boom, everything is fixed!

    Hope this helps anyone with similar issues. Of course, if your font really has been removed somehow, that’s where the install disks might come in handy.

  2. Rich | Aug 20 2007 - 03:36

    14:48 what more can I say! :D

  3. Jon | Aug 20 2007 - 05:11

    Appleworks is no longer on the US Online Apple Store. Out with the old in with the new!! :)

  4. lars from Denmark | Aug 20 2007 - 08:55

    would it be correct that the iMac is targeted for a new group of costumers, such as elderly rich people with tast who has a dell computer.

    Black back on the computer logo is black and lines are much more sharp a bid a Bang â„¢ Olufsen redios and Tv’s

  5. iConjohn | Aug 20 2007 - 12:11

    Hey Adam, just caught this on CNN and it reminded me of the collections of Macs you show on your Networking page. Sad to say, it is in Flash and not friendly on my iPhone or work.

  6. Jon | Aug 20 2007 - 07:11

    I stand corrected, it is on the online store, i tried searching for appleworks, but it did not show in any search results. Way to go Apple get as much money off it as you can hehehe :)

  7. Peter | Aug 23 2007 - 10:35

    Adam –

    While I don’t think the class action suits against the iPhone about the battery issues merit serious attention, I do want to point out that iPod batteries are actually easy to install for anyone that is not afraid of opening the case–whereas the iPhone battery is actually soldered onto the motherboard. As much as I love a lot about Macs and Apple’s products, I do think that this is a flaw in the design. If I were a cynical person, I might think that making the battery nearly impossible for the customer to replace is all about finding another way to make money off a product.

    Keep up that great work. I am about to celebrate my 1 year anniversary as a new Mac switcher (started with an iMac and recently moved to a Macbook Pro, 2.2 ghz, 15″ . . . of course, I had to sell the iMac to help defer that cost!), and your podcast has been a great source of information and tips for me. Thanks!

  8. Raffi | Aug 24 2007 - 10:03

    I have dlink WAPs at home and work and linksys at least at one client and I had no problems connecting to WPA secured connections.

    The only problem I have is with those APs that use WPA Enterprise which requires a username and password rather than just a password key.