AT&T… You do love trees, you really, really do.

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff, Follow-up

Ok. Reality is, this is likely more about not having to pay $7.95 postage every time they mail a customer a bill; but at least the trees benefit too.

Listener Wyane just let me know that AT&T delivered a free text message to his iPhone informing him they will no longer be itemizing data charges on his bill. Hooray! Here is the text of the message:

AT&T free msg: We are simplifying your paper bill, removing itemized detail. To view all detail go to Still need a full paper bill? Call 611.

So kudos to AT&T for responding to this issue fairly quickly. Question is, why wasn’t this problem thought of ahead of time? Oh well, welcome to big business in America.

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  1. Duujo | Aug 25 2007 - 05:23

    Yeah! Those trees would have been pissed off about this! Not to mention the humans whose existence depends upon them…