Montage 1.3 Beta Released

Written by: Jennifer Maloney

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MontageMariner Software released Montage 1.3 beta this week. The public version is scheduled to be released in November. Montage 1.3 is a Mac-only screen writing software, and now supports exporting to Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter, giving Montage more compatibility with industry standards.

Montage 1.3 now supports French, Italian, Spanish, and German, as has made improvements to it’s importing from Final Draft feature. Other changes include minor speed enhancements and bug fixes.

Though I personally haven’t used Montage, it sounds like an easy software to learn, yet powerful enough for professional screenwriters to use effectively. With it’s intuitively Mac-like interface, and pre-formatted themes for television, movies, and theatre, it’s a great tool for writing your next script.

Montage also has the ability to link with Apple Address Book, and includes hundreds of industry contacts, making it easier to submit your work.

If you would like to find out more about beta testing Montage 1.3, you can find information at Mariner Software.

Montage 1.3 will sell for $139.95 US, or can be acquired by a free upgrade to current Montage 1.0 owners. Montage 1.3 will also be sold onlne by Mariner Software as well as at retail stores, including: Amazon, CompUSA, Apple, Fry’s, MicroCenter, and The Writer’s Store.

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  1. Dave | Oct 11 2007 - 02:00

    I’ll be pretty excited to see what new features and improvements Mariner Software has made with this new version. While they (Mariner Software) have had some growing pains with this product they seem to have a very viable product and also have a great group of users that are willing to give them the valuable feedback. Eventually I hope that Montage can become one of the premier screen writing apps on the Mac, beating out programs like Final Draft, which I’m sorry to say in my opinion is just abysmal on the Mac platform even though its the industry standard.