Maccast 2008.06.18

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 230. iPhone 3G speed debate. It’s mostly about the iPhone, well the news any way. Macs sales are doing well too. Snow Leopard to be Intel only? Mobile Me’s secret sauce revealed. Return of the iSight in HD? Apple thunder down under. Corrections on GPS. Push vs. IMAP vs. POP. How to get started Podcasting on the Mac. Scripting in iTunes is a good thing. History of appearance themes on the Mac. Attach a PDF to an email from any Cocoa app. iPhone Alley Podcast and 3G iPhone contest.

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  1. Dru | Jun 19 2008 - 05:46

    Adam, you mention in the piece on podcasting about recording interviews. For interviews with people that have a little know-how, an approach that produces better sound fidelity is to, on top of what you describe, have the interviewee also record the conversation, and then send you the audio file. This way you have a nice non-Skyped version of both participants, which can be editied together fairly easily. Yes, a little more time-intensive, but it’ll sound more like the two people are in the same room.

  2. Claude Freaner | Jun 22 2008 - 06:46

    Adam: You usually provide excellent advice on our show, but I have to disagree wiht a comment you made in show 2008.06.18 in the segment on Push vs. Pop email. You said that the old POP wasn’t any good when you wan’t to have your email on multiple machines at the same time. Not true! I have used Eudora and Apple Mail both on multiple machines with the POP email. In my settings, I set all machines to leave the mail on the server for three days before automatically deleting from the server. As long as I looked at email on all the machines at least once every three days, all machines received all the email. I originally set this up so I could look at work email on Friday, then download the same email on Saturday at home and respond to it.

    The main advantage I see to POP over Exchange or IMAP, is that the IMAP and Exchange “take over” my computer and lock up the email app whenever mail is being pushed to me. I prefer POP, as I can ask for mail to be delivered every 5 minutes if I desire, and the email server won’t comandeer my computer during downloads. Downloading a large number of emails is significantly faster using POP, as well. Both IMAP and Exchange seem to check every email to make sure it’s synchronized, while POP just downloads. If the idiot in charge of IT where I work permitted, I’d never use Exchange or IMAP. In my opinion, the whole idea of “Push” email is over-rated, and for me, very frustratiing.

    By the way, I synchronize three computers and an iPhone with my address book, my iCal, and my bookmarks, using Dot Mac, with no problem. I don’t need MS Eschange at all.


  3. giovanni gallucci | Jun 23 2008 - 04:22


    A quick nod to Smile On My Mac. I just got Text Expander this evening and I’m looking forward the time I’ll save by having text snippets available for quick recall via this simple but powerful tool. Thanks for picking first-class sponsors.

    giovanni gallucci, viewzi evangelist

    (signature compliments of text expander) :-)

  4. Jeremy | Jun 23 2008 - 10:33

    Just a note about editing tags for itunes files, I use MetaX to edit all my video tags and then import into iTunes. It does batch edit quite well too.

  5. Jim White | Jun 29 2008 - 04:02

    Hi Adam,
    Thought you might like to hear about how the iPhone announcements are going up here in Canada. Rogers just announced the data plan for the the iPhone and it’s not going over well. We are forced to sign up for a 3 year plan and the cost is outrageous. There is a petition going around asking Rogers to reconsider their pricing.