Maccast 2008.08.02

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 234. Next iPhone OS Update gets to developers. iPhone 3G starting to crack under pressure? Apple makes it easier to get your iPhone 3G. Mobile Me is finally fixed, maybe? AirPort Extreme Update 2008-002. Rumors of new Macbooks, chipsets, etc. iPhone ripples generating smartphone tsunami. iTunes 7.7.1 update. Leopard 10.5.5 shows up for developers. Apple finally patches DNS flaw, kind of. iPhone security using Wi-Fi. Finding and removing hidden files. Nullriver NetShare iPhone App. Removing 3rd party apps from sync list. Adjusting podcast auto delete settings. Flagging email for follow-up. How-to disable iPhone backups.

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Don’t touch it! It could get infected… — Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

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  1. beej | Aug 04 2008 - 10:46

    Adam – Re: the “audio focused” airport updates

    Some time ago, an airport update caused issues for audio professionals. People using Logic, Garageband, Ableton Live and so on had bad playback issues when airport was enabled after the update – glitchy audio and dropouts etc. The only workaround for them was to switch airport off while working on music (or revert the Airport version if they were feeling brave.)

    (I never had the issue, because I didn’t run the original Airport update because of this.)

    10.5.4 finally brought fixes to Leopard which solved the problem (they tweaked the airport task priorities apparently, so that audio playback was not quite so interupted). However, people not running Leopard still had the issue. The recent 10.4.11 audio-focused airport update brought the same fix to Tiger.

    Just FYI.


  2. Tom Borowski | Aug 05 2008 - 07:11

    Hi Adam,

    I was wondering about your comments on using the iPhone for unencrypted access to email etc. While I’m aware of the risk of using unencrypted, public WiFi connections without SSL, I’m unsure if doing the same over EDGE or 3G poses a security risk. Don’t EDGE and 3G have network-level encryption by default?

    Thanks, love your show :)

  3. jon | Aug 05 2008 - 02:03

    Hey Adam,

    I’m a real mac geek and usually love your show. But since the iPhone is out in the market the show is more and more a gadget show. Even before there were a lot of information about the iPod and stuff, but now it’s always nearly 2/3 of the show noct connected to our good old macintosh and software.

    So have you thought about dividing the show into a more Macintosh part and a more Apple Gadgets part?

    Still loving the show.
    Best regards!

  4. Steve | Aug 07 2008 - 04:41


    I may have misunderstood what you said about podcast autodeletion. As I heard it, you said you can right click on a podcast and select “do not allow auto delete” to keep as many episodes of that podcast as you’d like. You then wished that Apple would create the ability to have finer control over autodeletion. Well, what could be finer than being able to right click on any specific podcast episode and allow or disallow autodeletion of that specific episode. iTunes already has this granularity of function. I use it a lot. For instance, I used it to save Tim Russert’s final Meet the Press episode and the tribute episode while alllowing all other episodes to autodelete.

  5. Michael | Aug 07 2008 - 08:39

    Hi Adam,

    there is also a little dashboard widget from apple that you can use to switch the visibility of hidden files on and off.

    You can find it at:

    Best regards

  6. Lori | Aug 10 2008 - 12:04

    Hi, Adam,

    I am a huge fan of the maccast! As a part of networkchallenge#3 I clicked on your ads!