Maccast 2009.01.26

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 253. Apple Q1 results call. Updates for Macbook White and Quicktime. Intel Quad price cuts spawn iMac rumors. New trojans and exploits target Mac. iLife ’09 shipping Tuesday. NVIDIA Graphics Update 2009. Mac turns 25. Listeners like ‘Things’ too. An Apple without Jobs. $200 Unibody Macbook Pro matte screen replacement Macworld 2009: Griffin Technology. Bulk Address Book changes. Formatting on Mac drives. Force iWeb to convert text to graphic. Backing up your iTunes library to DVD.

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New music, Foul Mouth Blues by Syrym

EOL: The Apple Cloud

I am never afraid of what I know. — Anna Sewell (1820 – 1878)

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  1. zec0 | Jan 27 2009 - 01:24

    sadly nothing is fixed with this update. when changing the graphics card to “high performance” an external apple 30″ monitor display is not even recognised. when changing back to “better battery life” the display is recognized sometimes but only renders highly distorted images. tested with two current macbook pros 15″ 2.8ghz and two different mini display port to dual link dvi adapters on two different 30″ apple cinema displays. apple should recall this adapters!

  2. Scott Waybright | Jan 27 2009 - 07:29

    Hey Adam,

    Your tip about forcing text in an iWeb site to be made an image is also great for email addresses, to keep spammers from getting them, the way Facebook does.


  3. Danny S. | Jan 29 2009 - 06:17

    Great tip from Chris Breen on bulk changing email clients in Address Book. I was wondering if there’s a tip on how to add bulk NOTES, such as “Hoiiday Card” so that you could effectively “tag” numerous contacts in your Address Book. Thanks!

  4. Connor P | Jan 30 2009 - 01:47

    Hey Adam,

    Although it is correct in the OmniOutliner Shownotes, i think you link to the wrong Web site for the new music in the abbreviated notes above. Just an FYI.

    Connor P

  5. Pedro | Feb 04 2009 - 09:23

    Hi Adam
    I think that THINGS is too expensive for the service it provides that furthermore can be simulated also quite elegantly with a good outliner. In my case I can make a easy and at same powerful GTD like system with MORI implementing a couple of smart folders that check my list of tasks retrieving and organizing them as TODAY, NEXT, CRITICAL (not done yet) or SOMEDAY.
    It works and is less expensive considering that MORI can be used for many other situations and applications.