The Jury is in (part 1)

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Guest Appearance

macjury-1.jpgAfter Apple’s “It’s Only Rock & Roll, But We Like It” event I was invited over to convene with Chuck Joiner and his Mac Jury. In the jury box this time were Jeff Carlson, Glenn Fleishman, Keith Lang, Chuck LaTournous, and your’s truly. Chuck posed the questions, Do the iPod nano’s new features reflect Steve Jobs’ absence or do they address some specific aspects of iPod use? And why an FM radio? Is the decision not to put a camera in the iPod touch an oversight or a differentiator? Should you upgrade to iPhone 3.1 right away? And perhaps the biggest question of all…Norah Jones??? We all deliberated and the first part of our judgement is up for your listening pleasure on iTunes (iTunes link) and on the Mac Jury website. Check it out.

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