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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 278. It’s little more than iPods, but i like it. Apple’s “It’s only Rock and Roll” event coverage. Create free iPhone ringtones in Garageband ’09. Podcast playlists not syncing after iTunes 9 upgrade? Finding some “missing” iTunes 9 features.

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New music, Big Disco Ball by Josh Woodward (iTunes)

EOL: Where’s my fricken’ MMS?

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There are 2 comments on Maccast 2009.09.10 – “It’s Only Rock & Roll” Event Coverage:

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  1. Frank | Sep 11 2009 - 10:55

    The application download number is actually 1.8 billion, not million.

    Thanks for the snow.
    Keep up your good work.

  2. pds6 | Sep 13 2009 - 03:46

    A small rant:

    Getting the right balance has always been a difficult thing. Until recently, I thought Apple had the right balance between the function of the iTunes music player and the desire of Apple to sell me more and more digital media. I think iTunes 9 has disrupted this balance.

    Everything about iTunes 9 has Steve Jobs’ bony little fingers trying to get into my pockets. I have disabled the Apple Store. It shall remain off!

    As alway, great podcast.