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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 290b. A special episode of the Maccast where I am joined by Clayton Morris (ClaytonMorris.com). Clayton was actually at today’s Apple iPad announcement, so we get to chat with him and get his first hand perspective on the sexy new device. Enjoy.

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  1. Greg Smith | Feb 01 2010 - 07:22

    Hi Adam,

    I love your show. Helps me out with something new almost every week!
    iPad feedback:

    Three simple points:

    1) I love my MacBook and have configured it exactly as I need it to keep my work and personal life humming along smoothly, with very few hiccups. If you let your Mac work as a Mac, it can be your best productivity partner.

    2) I love my iPhone 3G and have configured it exactly as I need it in order to stay connected. If you let your iPhone work as an iPhone, it can be your best communications partner.

    3) I will buy the $499 wifi 16GB iPad (and the killer case!) because it will already be configured exactly as I need it. Using the dock connector, cloud technology, and syncing capabilities already in place, the iPad will become my best information and entertainment partner.

    Apple products are easy, fun, and simple. The decision to buy an iPad is exactly the same. I have already put my name on the list at one of our local stores and will pick it up as soon as it arrives. I will let you know in April how much fun I’m having with mine!

    Greg Smith MD

  2. GR8CREATIVE | Feb 02 2010 - 09:00


    Nice coverage of the ipad announcement. I feel like people are missing one critical factor when thinking about the potential of the ipad….. Cloud Computing. Some have said that the ipad will not deliver a “desktop” computing environment, but have you ever checked out the Citrix Cloud app on the iphone – MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel all in a widows environment all at your fingertips… the only thing holding it back was the size of the screen. Well that’s not a limitation anymore. http://citrixcloud.net/CitrixCloud.html. You better believe Apple will be deploying a more robust cloud based computing environment to serve this device and bridge the Mac computer experience over to this type of incredible mobile device. I would really like to see you cover this trend of cloud computing more in your MacCast.



  3. Doug | Feb 07 2010 - 02:58

    Adam, great coverage! While many others had rambling conversational infotainment, you hit the points that needed to be covered. I just sent the following note to Circus Ponies:

    Thanks to hearing about your product on MacCast, I’m a very satisfied Notebook customer. I’d like to be among the first buyers of your iPad compatible product! That would be a perfect app!

    Help us out! Encourage your long-time sponsor!

    Thanks again