Maccast 2010.02.09

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 290. Plans for the show. Macworld 2010. Rumors of the iPad’s possible features. Book publishers ramp up for the iPad. 27″ iMac display woes may not be over. Apple software updates. Reports of Mac Pro Nahalem audio issues. Rumor of Macbook Pro updates. Apple releases Aperture 3 Is iPad for us or the rest of them? iPad IPS Display technology. Canadian iTunes gift cards no go on apps. Get word count in any Cocoa App via Services. Create a yearly iPhoto Archive.

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  1. Kevin Crossman | Feb 10 2010 - 03:21

    I’d argue that for the average consumer the iPad doesn’t have six SKUs. It’s more like two sets of three. I understand that 2×3=6 but it really isn’t six choices for a consumer.

    What it isn’t:
    Which model would you like?
    – Model 1
    – Model 2
    – Model 3
    – Model 4
    – Model 5
    – Model 6

    What it really is:
    1. Do you want 3G or Wi-Fi?
    2. How much memory do you want?

    Though there six possible options in each case, the second in conceptually simpler.

  2. Alex Tarter | Feb 11 2010 - 02:03


    Just to let you know I tried to get the Statistics feature to work on my laptop and found that I didn’t have the option of turning on the statistics service. This was because I didn’t have the free WordServices service installed from Devon Technologies. I just installed the service, logged back in and it worked perfectly.

    So in case any of your other listeners found the same thing, you’ll need to install WordServices first!

    Thanks for your great work and good luck on doing this full time,


  3. Jim Whitelaw | Feb 13 2010 - 04:56

    Hi MacCast,

    Thanks for picking up on the Canadian iTunes gift card issue that I’ve experienced. Seems like Apple’s policy now is to basically ignore the issue. I’ve posted a brief update on my blog:

    Jim Whitelaw

  4. Geoff | Feb 15 2010 - 02:49

    Is this show 2009-02-09 the time machine version? Can’t be because you mention the iPad which means it is 2010.

  5. Funkygorilla | Feb 15 2010 - 03:42

    Just listening to the Maccast and you mentioned the lack of tools to export content out of InDesign.

    In actual fact InDesign CS4 has some reasonable export tools including a reasonable HTML export and epub export. Epub is the main format for ebooks so getting a book out of indesign should be easy. Not sure how this handles interactive content, but at least a magazine could be exported as per the physical copy.

    One thing you didn’t mention about ebook prices is cost vs price vs sales. I have a kindle and know that I’m unhappy paying over $10 when the cost to the publisher for distribution is $0. I mention sales because the price of a book has a direct relationship to sales. On the kindle a $2 book always gets into the charts quickly, and I’m guessing from my behaviour results in significant sales for the author of books in the same series.

    My feeling is $15 is too high, you can usually buy the physical book for the same. The end result will be very low sales.