App of the Week: GrandPerspective

Written by: John Fiore

Categories: Podcast

Once in a while you’ll check your Macintosh HD and be astonished that you only have 4 GB free. Maybe not the case with newer Macs – but for those of us running a 60 GB Macbook or MacMini something must be done.

That’s where GrandPerspective comes to play. Not only is it free, but if offers a beautiful visual representation of your data. It may not do much more than that but it does what it’s meant to do perfectly.

If you want something with more advanced options, WhatSize is available for $12.99 (USD) . To get GrandPerspective heard over to their page.

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  1. Simone | Mar 23 2010 - 02:38

    I’m a fan of DaisyDisk( cool interface (Star Trek-alike) for 19.95$ (demo has actually no functional limitations, but displays “nag-screens” and “DEMO” badges over the app window…)