0BA161D9-40AF-457B-862C-E3BCB81034F6.jpgI just got word that the Microsoft Mac BU has released Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 Beta. Now normally I wouldn’t get excited over an update release of a chat client, but this version finally brings audio and video support to Messenger on the Mac. I mention this specifically because I know a number of you who have wanted to do video chat with friends and family who are on Windows and won’t run anything except Messenger. I haven’t tried the new features yet, but would be interested to hear from any of you who have. You can download the Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 Beta here.

The observant folks over on 9 to 5 Mac just noticed something in the release notes PDF for this beta:

2.3 You cannot make Audio/Video calls on some network configurations.

Interesting to note, but likely not a huge cause for concern. The section goes on to explain that you may need to open up some router ports to make the audio and video connections work properly. Details can be found here. Another significant point from the release notes is this beta version is for personal accounts only. You will need to have an account registered with or an ID on the Windows Live Network. Corporate users with an Office Communications Server won’t be able to use the Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 Beta.

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  1. Jason R | Mar 24 2010 - 01:17

    I managed to get Video calls working without any problems but it wouldn’t display and display pictures and it just seemed buggy in general (as is expected from an early beta)