Maccast 2011.08.31

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 364. With all the speculation about the future of Apple and longevity of the products going forward without Steve at the helm, I wanted to take a different perspective. Can we gain a deeper perspective on Apple and its future by looking inward and to its past? I asked simple question to 11 Apple journalists, podcasters, creative professionals, and fans. “Why are you an Apple User?”

Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer
John Chambers, One Minute Tip
Ken Ray, Mac OS Ken
Victor Cajiao, Typical Mac User
J.C. Hutchins,
Peter Cohen, The Loop
John Martellaro, Mac Observer
Veronica Belmont, Tekzilla
Scott Johnson, Frogpants Studios
Dave Hamilton, Mac Observer
Bart Busschots,

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There are 7 comments on Maccast 2011.08.31:

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  1. Forrest Tanaka | Sep 01 2011 - 01:51

    Really great idea for this podcast, Adam; really enjoyed it. It made me think about why I was a Mac user, why I switched to Windows, and why I switched back.

  2. lisa in the Pac northwest | Sep 01 2011 - 07:56


    I thought it deserved the shout from the all caps.
    It made me think also like Forrest – why I am a Mac user and even more – why I am a Mac FAN since 1.3.05 a definitive moment.

    So I just had to post my comments as a non -geek which is not like many of the guests – IT WORKS and it is not agony like my 25 years of windows was.

    How did we celebrate at my house going to Mac – we destroyed the hard drives of an IBM Thinkpad laptop (now Lenovo) and an HP/Compaq desktop! The Thinkpad was the most fun as it was brittle and I the girl took the hammer to it. SHATTERED! Then Desktop harddrive was really metal, so the hubby took the pliers to it and twisted it beyond recognition. I have NEVER looked back!

    I was in charge of IT support for a start up and it is too bad that back then (pre-Tech Wreck 2001) I could not have had us all on Macs!

    Well, enough of that but I bet Adam, that you could have a WHOLE forum category on Users posting why THEY are Mac Users and maybe even – mac FANS. (hint hint).

    THANKS this was really fun and unique – you nailed it!!


    PS – I like all the other podcasts but this one was really really special!

  3. Bruce Aguilar | Sep 02 2011 - 06:16

    Great idea for a podcast Adam and you did a great job on it. Asked your questions then got out of their way and let them answer. And you really listened too. You were able to follow up following their train of thought but guided them where you wanted to go. Really nice.

    It was quite fun and interesting hearing all the different stories. I may even post my reasons for being a Apple user on my website. Thank you for an exceptional Maccast. It’s a keeper.

  4. MikeB | Sep 02 2011 - 01:34

    I have been listening to you since you started and have not missed and show BUT Adam you hit it out of the park on this one! New spin to your show, great probing follow-up questions to people I want to hear from! Adam you ROCK keep it up!!

  5. Gilbert L. | Sep 08 2011 - 07:16

    Hi Adam,

    This podcast was great. You really listen to and let all of them talk freely and it was very interesting to listen to everyone opinion. Last week I found a TED talk that made me understood a lot of the reasons of apple success. I highly recommend you to listen to it (18mins only). It seems to me that this is the main reason of apple success. The TED talk can be listen on apple Podcast feed TEDxMyeongDong:

    [TEDTalks for iPhone] Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

    You can also find the video here

    This little video explains why some succed and some have, let’s say, less success. I suspect this is also the reason of the success of your podcast.

    You asked to let you know what were our experience. To me as a developper, geek and long time computer user, it’s just working. But, more than that, with my mac I can sit and do things that are something else than configuring and tuning the computer. It’s ok to make computer work, but, I think there is more that can be done with computer. I want to build programs that accomplish something, I do not want to battle with the machine to accomplish that. And apple computer help me do that.

    Continue your great podcast!

  6. Kyle | Sep 17 2011 - 11:37

    “Can we gain a deeper perspective on Apple and it’s future by looking inward and to it’s past?”

    It’s “its future” and “its past” and, if you don’t know that, there’s no point listening to the podcast.

  7. Adam Christianson | Sep 25 2011 - 09:25

    Thanks for catching that. I have corrected it and while I appreciate you pointing out the error I’m fairly sure there was a more constructive and polite way to point it out. I strive very hard to make the Maccast community a place where the goal is to help each other and to do it with respect. We all make mistakes and I don’t feel belittlement and chastising is a very good path to learning. I strive hard to make sure I address questions that way in the show and I would hope listeners could show the same respect when I expose my shortcomings.