Maccast 2014.04.29

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 486. Apple’s earnings call. Are Apple and Nike collaborating? iOS 7.1.1 & Other Updates. Larger, larger iPhone delays. New Macbook Airs. Clean out your DYLD without Terminal. Change the Finder default search location. Airport may have a bleeding heart. Merge PDFs with Preview. Why we can’t ‘cut the cord’. Screen Lock to Login Screen. Twitter peeps eating your HD space.

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  1. Steve B | May 03 2014 - 10:58

    Hi Adam,

    Just a quick comment/question on the cord cutting section on the last podcast. I’m a cord cutter who has cut my cable subscription and supplement with netflix and hulu. We currently use a decent digital antenna for our local news and it’s fun to watch TV that is broadcast in 1080 for most newer shows etc. Most of my cable using friends think I have a nicer TV but it’s just better resolution than what they get from cable. The only thing that kills me is that Time Warner still charges me $70 a month just for their “turbo”service that still gets bogged down more often than not. What do you and your listeners think of the pricing for accessing the internet if that is all you want from the cable company. I feel they are punishing us for not “bundling” with TV or phone. So in a way I feel that I’m not a true cord cutter. I don’t necessarily want free, fast access to the internet but maybe a better or more fair price.

  2. Scott Kropog | May 03 2014 - 11:16

    Hey Adam,

    Here’s my two cents on the cord cutting segment. My wife and I watch entire seasons of all our favorite over-the-air shows on our Apple TV. (We have three) I use my Mac mini in my office as my OTA recorder. This Mac mini is NOT connected to any TV at all. I have an antenna in my attic which is connected to a Silicondust HDHomerun network tuner. On the Mac mini I use EyeTV from Elgato to record entire seasons of my favorite shows (FOR FREE!) with just a few mouse clicks. EyeTV then automatically puts these shows in iTunes with all metadata intact. So now, through home sharing, each Apple TV sees this iTunes library and each will pick up shows wherever you last left off. So will any idevice as well. As a bonus you can watch live OTA TV on an iPad or iPhone on your home network using Elgato’s iOS app. I, for one, have never subscribed to cable or satellite TV because of the lack of value for the money these services provide in my opinion. I do have an ISP of course, but this setup saves me tons of money every year.

  3. Tom Cronan | May 04 2014 - 08:09

    I came here to say the exact same thing as Scott K. and I would like to add that even though it involves a little up front cost, it’s only a equal to a few season passes on iTunes and you can save tons of money even in the short term.

  4. P. Singleton | Jul 28 2014 - 08:38

    A comment about merging multiple files to one PDF. I use Keynote to do this because it merges them to a smaller file size and I want to send the merged document via email; but if file size is not an issue then another (perhaps easier) way to merge a bunch of files using Preview is to select all the files you want to merge in finder, right click to open using preview, select all in the thumbnail window, command p (for print). In the print window (lower left) is an option that says PDF, if you click on that you get the option to save as pdf, which will merge all the files into one PDF.