Maccast Members 175 – Distorting Reality

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Maccast Members

A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 175. Reality distortion, if I were able to have a superpower this might be one I want. Most often we hear it associated with Apple and specifically Steve Jobs, but I believe the world has had many reality distorters. I also think that reality distortion might be the wrong word or at least the word is being applied incorrectly. I explore reality distortion. How does it work, what is it, and why do so few have it?

Maccast Members
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  1. Bob Rapp | May 11 2014 - 05:04


    First, thank you for your excellent work and podcast! Your podcast of 2014.05.09, you mentioned your fondness for Plex (which has many outstanding features and a great UI, but it cannot play the “digital restricted media” from iTunes). A solution which does not require removing removing the protection comes from zqueue called “Stream To Me” which is available in the iOS App Store. If your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac) is authorized to play content from your account, selecting a DRM content brings up a dialog box and allows you to play the content with your Safari browser. You can also stream that content to your Apple TV if you so desire. The app plays a wide variety of multiple media formats and has several features. You can view your content on your home network or remotely. It does require that you place a server applet on your device where you store your content (you can have multiple devices). Very easy to use and just a wonderful product…the support has been outstanding (and rarely needed). I use both Plex and Stream To Me…could not be happier. Matt Gallagher started this labor of love and has done outstanding!

    Just wanted to pass along this for your awareness.