Maccast 2015.04.22

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 522. Apple Watch sales, how’d they do. Look at the 12-inch Macbook Guts. Apple ramps up eco-marketing. Apple Pay in Canada. Apple Watch Try-on. Apple Watch UI Guide. iTunes messing up metadata. Some more things in Photos. Enable Macbook Power “Chime”.

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  1. Gary | Apr 24 2015 - 06:02

    Just finished the podcast. Another great show. Enjoy wearing that woman’s watch for a year. Only question I have is why you didn’t go all the way and buy the pink band?

  2. Scully | Apr 26 2015 - 02:34

    Hi Adam, this will clarify (correct?) what you said on the podcast about deleting the iPhone library:

    Can I delete my iPhoto or Aperture library after I import my photos into Photos for OS X?

    Yes, though you don’t need to. Through the magic of symbolic links (older users might also know these as aliases), your masters have all been moved to the Photos library, but your iPhoto and Aperture libraries still work because each photo has a symbolic link to the Photos master. Though it may appear in the Finder that both libraries are taking up the same storage capacity, only one library — your Photos library — has the majority of the data. Apple has a support article written about this under-the-hood magic if you want more information, but the short answer is: If you don’t want to use iPhoto or Aperture anymore, feel free to delete your original library. If you still might want to pop back into iPhoto or Aperture, keep that library. It won’t actually take up extra disk space.

  3. Scully | Apr 26 2015 - 02:24

    Sorry, the blurb above was taken from iMore’s FAQ: