Maccast 2017.03.20

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 606. New iPad Pros this week? More expensive iPhone, blame the parts. Apple hires security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski. More 5th Gen Apple TV evidence. International news. You now have more time to buy AppleCare+. Apple’s AR timeline gets some clarity. “The” wake from sleep monitor fix. How secure is your macOS user account? Apple Car play disappointment. Do more with your Live Photos.

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  1. Paul K | Mar 22 2017 - 05:21


    Thanks for such a great podcast!

    The whole monitor not waking from sleep really got me thinking. I have a Mid 2011 Mac Mini at work with an HP Display.

    I was having the same issue with the monitor not waking and just chalked it up to it being a third party monitor. The monitor was connected with the Apple Display Port to DVI adapter.

    I was also having a similar issue with a lot of production HP Minis on the floor with dual HP monitors. The computer were responding but both displays would not wake from sleep. Pulling the power from the monitors would sometimes work, but the majority of the time we had to hard shutdown the machine running Windows 7.

    Both monitors were connected via DisplayPort to VGA or DisplayPort to DVI or DisplayPort to DisplayPort.

    We recently got new HP monitors in, so I naturally need the upgrade (IT has to test it ;) )

    This new monitor was a little different then all the rest we have been getting. The only inputs to this monitor were: HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort.

    I didn’t have a miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, so I used an HDMI cable to connect up the new monitor to my MacMini. My monitor not waking from sleep is now gone.

    To make a long story short, I wonder if the issue is with DisplayPort protocol?
    It would seem to be a DisplayPort Protocol since I have the same issues with both my Mac and Windows machines.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Paul K

  2. Matthias | Mar 28 2017 - 05:02

    Hello Adam, hello all,

    I had perhaps similar issues on my iMac from 2007 at the office (which still was fast enough for normal use since I replaced the HDD with an SSD 2 years ago).
    From time to time I wasn’t able to login after Screensaver had been activated. I could only see the login screen with a spinning wheel, but the iMac didn’t accept any entry. (Every time when this happened LibreOffice application had been opened besides of other applications, but I#M not sure if that wasn’t only a coincidence…)

    But: Login via a remote ssh-shell was no problem at all…

    So at least I was able to reboot from the shell, so that some of the open applications had a chance to shutdown.

    After a while I found the distnoted process to be responsible of this behavior… When that process process was killed, login screen worked again!

    I found this to avoid the disunited process to go mad again:

    One of the users there established a script named which eventually kills this process and is started via crontab every minute.

    Thanks for your work on the Maccast,
    greetings from Germany,

    hope this helps, Matthias