Maccast 2017.03.28

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 607. New iPad, but not Pro. What about “new” iPads? Hackers claim to have your iCloud password. Apple acquires Workflow. Apple Pay coming to ATMs. Apple’s latest OS and software updates. Password reset, needs new keychain. In defense of CarPlay. iTunes 12.6 may have gone too far (for me). What your Mac tells Apple. Text message forwarding to Mac. Running Mac anti-virus.

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  1. Robert Milton | Mar 29 2017 - 02:27

    Hi, just listened to your rant on the Mini Player, so i opened mine to test…You are kinda right, & you were almost there to open the album art, but if you drag down a little further, it will snap/stick & show the album art. It does suck that they keep making changes without letting users know about the changes, but the art can be shown! Thanks!

  2. Paul | Mar 30 2017 - 05:14

    Hi Adam, It’s Paul, the one who called about text message forwarding. I seem to have resolved the issue, although I’m not 100% sure what did it. Turns out I had two-step verification enabled not two-factor, so I went into my Apple ID, turned off two-step and turned on two-factor. My text messaging problem didn’t work right away, but after logging in and out of my user accounts several times and also logging out and back into my iMessage accounts on each user account, that seemed to solve the problem. I realized it was working when on my iPhone, in the device list, two MacBook Pros showed up instead of one as previously, so even though it’s a single physical machine, each user account is being treated like a separate Mac. I think handling calls through your iPhone on your Mac works the same way too. I hardly ever answer my phone from my Mac, but I like the ability to see who’s calling from my computer screen so I know whether to bother looking at my phone. If it’s a call I want to take, I’ll pick up my phone, if not I can decline it right there on my Mac.

    On another note, they really need to do something about incoming calls on the iPad. Especially on the 12.9″, which is the one I have, there is no need to take up the whole screen for an incoming call. I turned that feature off on my iPad because I use it to read sheet music, and if I get a call it completely changes the whole screen away from what I’m reading which is very annoying. A banner notification would be much better for bigger screens.

    By the way I tweet you from time to time @beethoven1989 just in case you didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

    Thanks for a great show!


  3. Lee | Apr 03 2017 - 11:00

    As Robert mentioned, the album art can still be viewed using the mini player. What you may need to do it click on the ellipses and select the last option “show mini player large artwork”.

    Alternatively if you hover along the top of the mini player window at the top edge until the cursor changes to an arrow pointing up, then click and drag upward to reveal the artwork.