Maccast 2007.11.30

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 208. Apple’s expanding retail empire. More security chinks in Leopard armor. Apple acknowledges MacBook drive failures. Orange brings iPhone to France. AT&T exec says 3G iPhone in 2008. Malcor hack is a Hoax. I finally got Back to My Mac working! Applications to “tinker” with OS X. Finding QuickTime for Windows from a Mac. Syncing notes from the iPhone, sort of. Putting the hierarchy back in the Leopard Dock. Stop iPhone from launching iPhoto. Accessing menubar items, file menus, and Dock from keyboard. Fixing QuickLook folder deficiency. Decorate your Dashboard for the Holidays.

New music, Cool Collected Calm by One:Day:Life [iTunes]

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Your French relatives are bathing in the toilet. — Just Visiting (2001)

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  1. Tinus | Dec 01 2007 - 05:41

    So I looked into the ‘Hierarchical menus’ app; this is how it works:

    On the right side of the dock, you can put folders and documents. When using the app, the thing that you put in the dock is obviously not a folder (as these can display only using stacks) but it is a document.

    The document is associated with a helper program that comes with the Hierarchical menus app. This helper program doesn’t have a window, it only has a pop-up menu. So when you click the item, the helper program starts and shows its popup menu. When you select an item or close the menu, the program quits again. You can see that it’s a normal popup menu also because it doesn’t have the arrow pointing to the dock item. A pre for me, because it also doesn’t have the silly ‘move the group with the dock magnification’ feature that the stacks have.

    This is a rather clean approach (no hacks involved). It can be slightly slow though, as you have to start the app before the menu shows. I think it’s an acceptable workaround for a problem that Apple should fix.

  2. Peter | Dec 02 2007 - 09:51

    Adam – Can you post a link to the info on getting a linksys router working with back to my mac?


  3. Dan | Dec 05 2007 - 03:32

    Hey Adam, just a heads up for future shows: it’s “hierarchical,” not “hierarctical.” Also, “quay” is pronounced “key,” not “kway.” (It’s British English for a shipping dock, hence the use for this product.)